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  1. The same happened to me, how annoying!! 70+M down the drain... Quite a bug.
  2. I use the FM 19.3.3Striker scoring version but with attacking corners all my men are forward! I just got countered because the oppostion kept 1 guy at the half line, he could just run 1 on 1 with the keeper. This is quitte strange because it should keep 1 player(?) at the back according to the tactics setting. It says the nr2 man should stay at the back.
  3. Since the new patch it seems way harder to score. Creating the same amount of chances but scoring way less. And my strikers cant score anymore... More people noticed this?
  4. I just started an Ajax save, I always start a new FM version with a big club Only played 2 friendlies and made only 1 signing: Vida from Dynamo Kiev. I mean, look at him haha
  5. Will look into the roles asap. Walcott played 2 good seasons for me, before I sold him to Chelsea for € 45M. He played like 10 matches for them in 3 seasons .
  6. I turned Ozil into a beast, getting better every year. This is Ozil on january 1, 2020: Playing him in MC position as AP(a) together with Wilshere BBM(s). Also lots of assists from this lad from the own academy: Chelsea, who the **** are Chelsea? I was on top of the table together with Chelsea, both won 14, draw 2, lost 0. So really loved this win.
  7. I am in my 5th or 6th season now in, I only play multiplayer games. Slowly converting my squad to only English players. Sadly saying goodbye to Giroud, who turned into a real monster in a F9 role, scoring > 1 goal per match. Needed room for some very good regens. Starting eleven GK : Szczesny DR: Pino DL: Soliman (regen) DCR: Phil Jones DCL: Balanta DM: Sven Bender MC: Wilshere MC: Ozil AMR: Oxlade-Chamberlain AML: Lamela ST: Mitrovic Will give an update soon
  8. I do indeed mean midfield center right. I play Wilshere over there or Ramsey. Ozil on mcl is performing great.
  9. @dave byrd, any tips for the MCR to get him performing better? Any PPM needed for that position? My MCR almost always has got the lowest rating, or is it just the position...
  10. OMG what a match! 3 red cards in 1 match!? And still win . Never happened to me before since I started playing this game with CM2.
  11. Enjoying this tactic with your changes with Arsenal. In 4th season now and 8 games in the league without conceding.
  12. Giroud is playing fine in my game, still my number 1 striker. But Mitrovic is knocking on the door. Also have Timo Werner, but he seems to be at his limit already. Thinking of selling him for...Dortmund already offered like € 30M. Have an amazing run now without conceding in season 2016/2017. Conceded only 2 goals in like 15/20 matches. Won all pre-season matches without conceding. Conceded 1 in the Community shield vs Chelsea 1-1 (won on penalties). And one in the UEFA SC 4-1 win over Steau Bucarest. Me happy
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