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  1. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Here we go New Manager of Nuneaton Profile Personal Would Have preffered Halesowen Town, but got bored of reloading
  2. wasnt a myth opposite happened to me, everytime i took john carew off in a match he would score just before been subbed
  3. Can you bring yourself to manage

    As a Villa fan, i will never ever manage Blues, West Brom or Wolves on the game. Don't mind managing the other Midlands clubs like Coventry or Shrewsbury.
  4. stupidest thing ever LOL....maybe you shud have special recharge abilities for players, give them a boost for a match to increase their pace by 5. You could earn coins by how many goals you score, save them up to buy pretty clothes for you players
  5. Glenn Hoddle Academy ?

    :O WILLY TOPP ISN'T IN THE GAME ANYMORE.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......he for league 1 and 2 was amazing. Best signing i've ever made on this game lol
  6. that happened to quite recently except it was my cm on the half way line, wasn't too impressed
  7. Tommy Spurr

    steven gerrard once injured his back on fm 07 and retired lol
  8. Fulham would have gone down if they would have lost, but instead Reading went down...i disappointed both Villa and Reading fans
  9. Wolves v Arsenal Fulham v Villa Wolves 2-1 Arsenal FT Fulham 3-2 Villa FT i conceded 3 goals in the last 15min
  10. Just stormed out after a 3-1 loss....as the press kept askin me stupid questions so i said " YOUR P***ING ME OFF".....they weren't too happy
  11. own goal issue

    this happened to me with villa....the ball was in the box and routledge took a shot..hit noone...but was classed as an own goal
  12. Brighton and hove Albion....whenever i see Robinson score...it brings back good memories
  13. Ht 0 - 3 ft 4-3 w

    when i was burton (dont ask why) i was 3-0 against Bath with 5 min left.....it ended 3-3...lets say there was enuf swearing
  14. Hey, my best run of seasons was with Brighton and Hove albion..about 5/6 where i got them promoted to premiership and into europe.....my best moment was a 2-0 win over chelsea in the f.a cup quarters. Scored early on...then in the last minute cech came up for the corner...and my player (djemba-djemba) scored from his own half ....but at the start of the 7th season the game crashed