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  1. There are two teams that I had to move, as well as a few other things (In nation rules regarding parenting as well as touching up the last division that the Terza and Seconda teams were in (because the parent can't be the division itself. So as far as non reg changes for sanity: - Two puglian teams (sopongano & Palagianello) that normally compete in Terza and Seconda Puglia categories respectively have been moved to the prima category, since creating those leagues to have one team was causing a headache. I was a little confused as to whether some of the promozione b puglia teams were meant to be in seconda categoria. But I'll let the OP decide that. I haven't tested it at all, but I got it verified for you all. Hope this helps anyone. I also made sure to keep OP's name Happy Footballing! 001 - Italia.fmf
  2. I haven't worked out anything about merging but I got past the first problem around the Liechtenstein cup. But now it states that there's an error in the swiss nation rules. You can manually add the 7 teams to the LC in the database and it has their correct league and all, but I haven't worked out how to merge the two files so unsure if that'll change anything? This being the first error upon the first test: Then this after just adding the teams manually on the Swiss OFV FM24.3 file I'll keep working through it, but just thought you would want to know? Edit: NVM I think I broke a few things. Disregard this for now.
  3. If you have the editor you just need to adjust a few teams' divisions that they play in, and then the number of teams in those competitions. Or at least that's how I got it working.
  4. Just looks like you haven't progressed through the year enough for the fixtures to be made. There are about 5 or 6 rounds of qualifiers before the group stage. It should work itself out. On all of my playthroughs, Welsh teams have had fixtures right through. Haverfordwest enters in the second qualifying stage and looks like Bala town enter on the third? I assume they won the league the year before? edit: It may also have something to do with the scheduling clash with one of the league games that when the draw is made should adjust correctly. 2nd Edit: How the amount of spots works is correlated to how high up the league is. Thus the premier divisions (1st tier competitions in countries) that are lower down on your games league/division rankings start earlier in qualifiers and thus have a lower chance of getting in (theoretically) Hope all this helps.
  5. There's a file that someone released that fixed the Iceland Cup. I just merged the two files together but I don't really know if it's changed anything else since I haven't really touched the editor previously. @Dallan Do you mind me putting up what I merged on here in the meantime? Just wanting confirmation before using your files to share with others. Cheers
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