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  1. Just an Idea, Never Take Free Kick option: Just like having certain players take free kicks and penalty, to choose a player that no matter what will never take a FK, PK or a corner.
  2. 1.an important feature IMO is the ability (during a match) to select: when going into detailed tactics automatically, Example: to have an option that during a game, the game will automatically go into detail tactics on 60th or 75th minute (or at least 1st chance after those times), of course times can be chosen, doesn't have to be 60th or 75th minute. 2.The option that will automatically go into detailed tactics if teams go down 2-0 behind. IMO, just as when a player is injured or sent off, going 2-0 is also a need for definite change of tactics, or at least an option that you can choose if you like. 3.As manager: The option to select favored personal. I think that if I'm someone else's favored personal, I should be able to select him as my favored personal. 4.Also think that negotiating manager contracts isn't really important. I mean, at least not the salary. I don't believe that adding an: buy apartment, car etc. is relevant to the game, at least IMO. The only thing IMO that is in need of negotiation is: Transfer and Wages fees that are already available and of course contract length. I also think that an option to put in is: Manager option to accept contract only if a certain player or personal is added to squad, lets say I'm Real Madrid and I choose only to sign a new contract pending a huge star comes the next season, a huge star or player that obviously I select.
  3. I would like the option of creating a reminder by selecting exactly when I would be reminded. Example: Due to not being able to sign certain U18 players, I would like to be able to create a reminder when player turn 18.
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