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  1. Outside of matches really great performance. match engine sadly fairly juddery the whole way through. guessing there's nothing I can do to enhance performance? I have all widgets off, other apps closed etc...
  2. Thanks, appreciate that.. I'm assuming with a memory card the storage space won't be an issue, but really interested to hear if anyone has played on one and what the match engine and processing speed is like.. Bearing in mind I'm mostly buying for FM, not keen to spend any more if possible...
  3. Hi, really thinking of picking up one of these tablets today in the sale, in large part to play FM touch 17. Is performance okay on this? Also can someone let me know what the lowest English league is you can start from on touch, and if you can have a decent multi country career save. . Thanks in advance!
  4. Wright is his middle name isn`t it ?
  5. If I tell my scout to scout country a, and only report back on say U21 players, does the scout : a) Only scout players U21 therefore finding more in the time period (or finding same number but quicker) b) Still scout everyone and take full time, but only report back on U21 players Thanks!
  6. Hi I recently signed a Brazilian striker for my Bulgarian side over xmas transfer window. The window has now shut, but still I cannot play this person (message - you can register this player for this match) in any game. He hasn`t played for anyone else this year, and there appears to be no option to give him a squad number or register him. He is the only non EU player in my whole squad. Is it a regional rule that he can`t play till summer, or a bug? He is my most expensive wage earner too and unhappy I`m not playing him!
  7. I`ve just encountered this problem for the first time and realised the only thing I`d changed (when trying to work out how to start FM offline) was ticking run as administrator. As soon as I turned that back off in preferences, lo and behold - FM works. Hope that helps out any of you on Vista
  8. I know rep slowly increases all season, but lets say you are top of League 1 and bound for promotion to the Championship. Do you get your big rep boost for promotion: a) When it is obvious (i.e. 29 points clear of 3rd with 10 games left) b) When mathmatically assured (i.e. 31 points clear with 10 games left) c) Some other point - presumably when new season starts with youth players being promoted etc? Just wondering if I should hold off signing players until I get my rep boost so can aim higher, and when this is. Thanks!
  9. Taking an example, I was managing a Czech league 2 team.. bought some astounding young players but could never quite achieve promotion until about 7 years in. Trouble is, most of my squad was permenantly unsettled or ungelled due to players wanting to move to bigger teams, or moving on meaning I had to replace my squad... so it was really hard to know was my tactic at fault, or was that the best I could do with an unsettled squad etc.... is there a way to judge whether your tactic is above/below par when there are so many otehr factors, or do people use a gut feel? (unless its obviouis and you win 100%
  10. I`m not talking about some super-tactic where you win every match, but if you create a decent set of tactics, how do you know if they are good or not? For example, you take over a team supposed to finish 20th... but make some good signings. Now, if you finish 10th, could you have won the league with a standard tactic? or would you have come 15th? With morale, team-gelling issues etc, how do you judge if your tactic is okay or not, or would benefit from playing round with the sliders. I`m assuming here that there`s no "gap between x and y" messages....
  11. There`s been lots actually - apparently Michael Jackson died, and some scot is about to choke at Wimbledon ...
  12. Thanks Rico. So that`s it? Results are generated realistically either way, you just can`t watch highlights with no detail? Thanks
  13. Does no-one know the answer to this ? Help please !