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  1. Outside of matches really great performance. match engine sadly fairly juddery the whole way through. guessing there's nothing I can do to enhance performance? I have all widgets off, other apps closed etc...
  2. Thanks, appreciate that.. I'm assuming with a memory card the storage space won't be an issue, but really interested to hear if anyone has played on one and what the match engine and processing speed is like.. Bearing in mind I'm mostly buying for FM, not keen to spend any more if possible...
  3. Hi, really thinking of picking up one of these tablets today in the sale, in large part to play FM touch 17. Is performance okay on this? Also can someone let me know what the lowest English league is you can start from on touch, and if you can have a decent multi country career save. . Thanks in advance!
  4. 1.) Yes, but it is complicated as you need to find the player ids and then replace the sounds which you also need to fade in and out. 2.) No, you can only have one chant per team. Sucks i know lol. I will be releasing a couple of fixes tonight so you can download them tomorrow. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Any chance of explaining how I do the Lampard thing in point 1? I know you`re busy with chants and stuff, so if its really long winded no probs.... but as that is my favourite (and the most accurate) chant ever .... it would be appreciated !
  5. Hi Nova. Couple of questions from someone completely computer illiterate so help appreciated. Was just downloading the soundpack and reading some of the comments on that site, and wondered: 1) I was reading with pleasure the Frank Lampard alternative chants- is it possible for me to replace the "official" version with the much better West Ham one on my pc - I see you might have uploaded it. 2) Is it possible to alternate the chants ... so as well as the bubbles song for West Ham, it sometimes comes up with "Come On You Irons" etc. Assuming I`m managing them ,would give a bit more variety. Thanks and keep up the great work - cant wait to try this pack out. Thanks Paul
  6. Hi Nova. Do you know when this new pack might be ready? I was going to try the one you have currently, but if this is days away, I`ll wait for the new one. Thanks!
  7. Hi! Can anyone give their opinion on which is better, this or Furney`s (which I am currently using). Are people having problems with the time delays on corners/stuck chants, or it sorted now. Interested to know what people think!
  8. One thing which I think should be included is a Dario Gradi type long term loyalty. Both ways. For example, I was at Cheltenham and saved them from going out the league on the last day of the season. Over the next 15 years or so, I took them into the Champions League, earnt them £30m or so in the bank. Whilst I didn`t win any trophies, the board kept selling my best players, and I still stayed turning down numerous job offers. The season after finishing in the top four in the Premiership, I signed 3 players of £10m plus, was sat top half (just) and got sacked... Now surely a legendary manager like that would be given SOME loyalty... I`m not saying forever, but its got to buy you 1 or 2 bad seasons surely....
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