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  1. It's on the 18.1 update. I got him on a free from Aarschot,i put in an offer of £0 and they accepted my offer.
  2. Started a save with Leyton Orient. Picked up this guy on a free from Aarschot in Belgium.
  3. Jerky match graphics full game

  4. Match Lag READ THIS TO CURE

    This has worked for me Thank you. I had the driver version 388.13 installed and had nothing but trouble with match lag. Rolled back to 388.00 and it is nice and smooth
  5. @pikawa Fantastic skin! Thank you. I'm using v2.0 and have a slight problem with the match settings button on the 3D match screen. When i click the settings button i just get a settings header showing with no options. Any ideas why this is?
  6. Playing an Ebbsfleet save i was looking for a good Box to Box midfielder and found Chris Atkinson. As Ebbsfleet are professional he may not want to join semi-professional sides.
  7. Yes i have noticed this too! Drives me crazy when the throw is going towards my player and the opposition turns into Billy Whizz and nips in front of my player.
  8. Also has 13 finishing and ok determination on my save
  9. Looks a cracking player for lower leagues but i can't get him to sign for Ebbsfleet.
  10. Are you guys sure it was The Stamford Struggle he used the editor with? I thought all the hassle happened over his Sheffield Saga which he freely admitted to using the editor.
  11. Thanks. Ebbsfleet have pretty good forwards for this level,i can never get Kedwell playing well in any forward position i pick for him. I haven't tried him as a F9 so will give it a shot.
  12. With the Ebbsfleet save do you still use the two F9's?
  13. FM16: Lower League Bargains

    Name: Matteo Lanzoni Age: 27 Nationality: Italian Club: Unattached Position: D(RC) Value: NA Signed for: Ebbsfleet Work Permit Needed?: No Name: Daniel Galbraith Age: 24 Nationality: Scottish Club: Unattached Position: M/AM(R,L) Value: NA Signed for: Ebbsfleet Work Permit Needed?: No