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  1. Ive also had this. Started five minutes into the second half and continued to the end of the game.
  2. Download the file you want and extract it to your save game folder. Start your game and load the save up.
  3. This guy looks really good,future league one player.
  4. Playing as Billericay for my Beta save I signed Harry Darling for 80k. Playing him as a Ball Playing Defender, he has some good player traits for this position. The other three players are all young players I picked up for free.
  5. Just a quick update on my situation. I had the graphics setting to very high and changed the setting to high and had two crashes in less than an hour. I then changed the rendering and crowds to medium and have managed to get four hours plus with no crashes. Since release, I had played over 700 hours with only a couple of crash dumps, I took a month break from the game and it has only started to crash like this since I started playing again at the beginning of June. I'm beginning to think this is something to do with Nvidia's drivers.
  6. I have the same crash. As Smudge has said there is no pattern to the crash it does seem to be random, I get a freeze for ten seconds then it just crashes directly to the desktop with no crash dump error. I have tried all the known fixes as in deleting cache, deleting preferences and reverify cache, I have removed all my added graphics and used different graphics drivers and it still crashes and turned off my Kaspersky security. I have also tried different database sizes and it just has the same crash no matter the size of the database used. I will attach a DxDiag file too. DxDiag .txt
  7. It's on the 18.1 update. I got him on a free from Aarschot,i put in an offer of £0 and they accepted my offer.
  8. Started a save with Leyton Orient. Picked up this guy on a free from Aarschot in Belgium.
  9. @pikawa Fantastic skin! Thank you. I'm using v2.0 and have a slight problem with the match settings button on the 3D match screen. When i click the settings button i just get a settings header showing with no options. Any ideas why this is?
  10. Playing an Ebbsfleet save i was looking for a good Box to Box midfielder and found Chris Atkinson. As Ebbsfleet are professional he may not want to join semi-professional sides.
  11. Yes i have noticed this too! Drives me crazy when the throw is going towards my player and the opposition turns into Billy Whizz and nips in front of my player.
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