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  1. DirtyAce - I had the same problem with Nani he is a selfish player and so more often that not he will choose the wrong option. With creative freedom being high you really do need players with high mental attributes so they make the right decision when to pass, shoot, try a through ball etc. I don't create a high number of CCCs but loads of half chances and that is when a player with high mental attributes comes into his own, often taking the half chances they get.
  2. example of the short corner routine working: Got it!! [video=youtube;X0u59G2sD5A]
  3. well has promised here a few screenshots about my tweak to this tactic. (only tweaks made are to the 2 outer strikers to make them more poacher like) i use a short corner routine which enables me to keep possessions and play the ball around the penalty area looking for an opening. Make sure your corner taker is the middle MC on both sides!!! link to tactic: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hc8vfi
  4. I play as man utd so high cf isn't a problem with me. rooney as the middle sc will drop deep and play the outer 2 sc through on goal centrally, or the outer strikers will run with the ball and either pick out one of the advancing MCs or central SC or go and score themselves. I did score one very nice goal against bayern munich from the champions league final in my previous season where my team just played straight through the heart of Bayern for a simple tap in for rooney.
  5. after trying out other tactics i have come back to this one, with a tweak of my own. I have switched the AML/AMR to SC positions making it a 4-3-3. I have set up the outer strikers has poachers and initial results are good. i will upload screenies and vids later on tonite if i have time. still managing high possession but now also getting alot of shots at goal from the front 3 has they play much closer together and often play eachother through on goal centrally instead of coming from out wide.
  6. Good news magick - 442 seems the way to go in this patch has wingers seem to be more effective. Looking forward to your results.
  7. think it was patch 12.1 like i said haven't played with it for a while. won the league at a canter, even went 10 games without conceding a goal.
  8. i haven't used it much lately has i am trying out other tactics available on the forum. But to be honest none of them come close to the football you see in this one. the front 3 are the key to scoring goals but defensively it is sound.
  9. should be only match engine changes with 12.1.1 were better positioning of fullbacks.
  10. I got the corner setup from that thread yes, but have never used that tactic. (its not mine) Only magick's dated 31st.
  11. the corner set up is to have every player on default, apart from the one striker on short. have the middle mc take short corners. but it works with a 4-3-3 formation haven't tried it with any other.
  12. chico does ok on the wings but i would like him to score goals, thats what he does best. maybe i could train him more in that position during pre season and see what happens.
  13. i tried this tweak in my last 2 games of the season. first game rooney bangs in a hat trick and also chico in the next game. season has finished but will test in the coming season, has i don't wanna lose chico
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