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  1. Thanks! Did you get any messages warning you before you failed?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm playing a network game with a few friends and a couple of us have just found that we can't adjust our wage budgets this summer. So I'm currently 400K over my wage budget and 40M below my transfer budget. My question is whether I need to offload a large chunk of my squad. I'm managing in the Premiership and: My projected profit for the period end is £201M My allowed wage expenditure is £98M My projected wage expenditure is £125M So it looks like I need to reduce my wages, but: a) My board haven't said anything. b) All the numbers are in white, not red. It mentions wag
  3. Hi everyone, I play an online game with a couple of friends where we edit all details of the teams we use so that they're as equal as possible. We've managed to do most things, but we've got a problem with scouting knowledge. We're using Man Utd/Everton/Spurs and Man Utd's knowledge is far higher than the other two, making it uneven. The staff should be mainly fairly even and each team has one feeder club. The scouting knowledges are 41 for Man Utd, 12 for Spurs, 16 for Everton.
  4. Looking to buy this, how well would it run FM14? http://www.pcworldbusiness.co.uk/catalogue/item/P183464P?awc=2371_1406985090_56612f1eca122da84b47d7d6580bd2e4
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