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  1. Try to get your wingers closer to your fullbacks for a start. I'd probably settle with a fb(A) on the left and a wb(S) on the right. This way they should link up better and use the space each other create more than you're probably seeing now. You could also drop your line of engagement and line of defence back a notch, as what you have now will very much push you towards nicking the ball from them deep in their half then exploiting them quickly during the transition phase. If you'd rather keep a hard pressing high up the pitch style though, then another solution might be to increase your tempo and attacking mentality slightly (either one or both of them) so that you're encouraging your players to be more direct once winning back possession. (as there should be plenty of space to make use of). Also maybe think about employing a split block pressing system to give you a better chance of actually winning the ball back when your players chase it down high up. Bear in mind there's probably not a fix all solution here that will work every match and that it will be very dependant on you looking to see where there's space to exploit then making the necessary changes.
  2. By chance, did the ME tweak patch start with the result at Watford or later?
  3. Actually had a couple of nice moments early on in the beta playing a 4-2-3-1 with Arsenal. Central play definitely is possible! Though it seems that a majority of the time in my matches, the path of least resistance is on the wing which usually leads to a lot of fullback/wingback overlaps. Oddly enough, I've yet to see any truly decent goals since the match engine tweaks dropped the other day (despite it feeling much more fluid than it was previously). Still...the conversion rate feels much better and I'm seeing far less Xavi-esque, 70 yard defence splitting passes so this seems to be slowly moving in the right direction.
  4. Slowly losing patience with the comedy of errors that is the current match engine. Has anyone else noticed an insane amount of terrible backpasses straight to the opposition striker for an easy tap in?
  5. +1 Mildly annoying that I have to redownload the full file...but I guess I won't complain since it is actually downloading.
  6. Well I can't say I'm not disappointed. Seems odd that they would stop central and wide men swapping, but hey, if that's how it is that's how it is. So for clarification, it's not working at all in the beta?
  7. Hey, after looking at the swap position instruction, I've noticed that rather than being encouraged to target another player with which to swap positions with (as it has been in previous versions), our players are simply given the "swap position" instruction. Now I'm gonna assume this means that any players with swap position as an individual instruction, will be looking to interchange positions with anyone else following the same instruction? Furthermore, if this is the case, how would it play out as we added the instruction to more players?
  8. Removal of the sliders has actually taken a large degree of the annoying and tedious trial and error out of the game. We already had an effective UI with which to analyse the effects our tactical changes had on any given match, but it felt as if it was let down by an awkward, outdated and overly bloated slider system. At least now we don't have to cycle through a thousand variations of slide position (half of which made very little effective difference) in order to get players playing the way we want them to. Now it's a case of every tactical change I make to team or player instructions has a very apparent and measurable effect on the way a team/player plays...I'm pretty sure that can only be a good thing.
  9. I think a more important question would be how many matches have you played, since players are going obviously going to need match experience and time to gel/become fluid tactically. Even more so, if you've only watched a small handful and have happened to be playing against teams that haven't afforded your midfield much time or freedom on the ball (tends to have more success against low tempo teams from experience), this will obviously have a large effect. In terms of a generic, dirty and quick fix, I'd be inclined to agree with the posts above. Though an advanced forward will still work nicely assuming you tuck your wide men in and bring them a bit further back - in this case let your fullbacks push forward more. On a final note, make sure you're looking at post-match analysis. Your biggest friend here is going to be pass and average position stats. Is your striker getting a small amount of passes and looking isolated in terms of average position? Not a huge problem in itself if he's scoring. But if the same applies to AML/R then this is likely why you're struggling with possession. Focus on that position map and see how much you can compact your players, then go from there.
  10. As it stands... Not entirely sure how I feel about Chelsea's downfall. I guess it kinda mirrors their real life progress last season to an extent, especially seeing as they're storming through the champions league. Though, they've more or less had half their first team put in transfer requests due to how bad a start they had? On a side note....STOKE Only a couple of ins during the january window. The big one being Mata making the switch from west to north after Chelsea's horrible showing in the league. Unfortunately he started the first few games slow (2 ratings under 6 back to back on the left wing) but has proved effective everywhere along the front 4 since. My thinking originally was to bring him in mainly as replacement for the long departed Van P...so far so good in the 2 games he's played leading the line. Though it's Bartra who's proven to be the better value of the two. Should become a sturdy, creative defender in time. Until then he's plying his trade at right back, and though he's not as much an out and out attacking fullback as Sanga or Jenkinson, his solid passing ability and creativity have added an extra layer to the attacking component of the team. More or less how I'm lining up right now. Replace Monreal with Gibbs and Jenk with Bartra and you have my first choice team (minus injuries).
  11. Mata just signed a contract for me approaching the January transfer window after Chelsea accepted a 34M bid for him. Seeing as I only got 34m freed up for the January window, this could be fatal if he doesn't work out the way I'm hoping Still...better than letting united get him
  12. You considered bringing Eduardo in on loan to tide you over? Shaktar are usually willing to let him go out in my games, and his stats are pretty solid still. Plus he makes a good tutor for the younglings I'd never rely on an assman for opposition instructions. They tend to want instructions on every opposition player, which can lead to your tactic falling to pieces more often than not. Besides, steve bould's tactical knowledge is pretty low iirc?
  13. Giroud's been pretty strong for me so far and has formed a decent partnership with ozil already. In fact, I'm planning to ship Best-striker-in-the-world Bendtner and park chu young out as soon as I can since they are more than surplus. Podolski is decent enough backup and sanogo should develop into something useful at least. I'm also looking at maybe bringing in Mata to play up front since Chelsea are doing terribly and he's transfer listed He sorta looks like a slightly weaker version of he who shall not be named.
  14. Very fluid could be the reason he's not quite the tip of the spear for you. With everyone sitting at the same mentality they're gonna really be squeezing each others space, and that's a precious enough commodity as it is in a 4-2-3-1. You've already said the rest of the team are scoring so I doubt you're having too much trouble being on very fluid, but I think it may explain a little more why he's not scoring as much as you'd like, especially with that 5th roaming role in the form of your B2B man. Slightly surprised you've not mentioned you've had trouble with your treq in this setup also.
  15. It might be a case of your two CMs being too advanced. The idea is really gonna be to stretch the opposition as much as you can. One way might be to have both your CMs set up as DLPs instead. You might even decide to drop oneof them back to a DM to open up even more space for your midfield to work in?
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