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  1. Having a nightmare with this now. Have loved it for ages but now hardly ever score and concede LOTS! Any ideas on an update or is it just me?
  2. Like many others, I bought this lad in the first season for a couple of million for my sheffield Wednesday save. 4 seasons later he is by far my best player and performing at the top level even though I'm fighting against relegation. Needless to say many clubs want him and I turned down bids of around 22million in the summer. Now, through my own miss management, he is leaving on a free at the end of the season after falling out with me big style - absolutely gutted. Now to take my mind off me wanting to drive to hamburg on July the 1st to kidnap young Zivkovic and bring him back where he belongs I thought I'd do the right thing and look for a suitable replacement. I have jack stobbs as my young up and coming wide man but not sure if he'll ever cut it at the top level. I play Zivkovic wide right in an inside forward role and I have around 30mil to spend. Any suggestions?
  3. I've been keeping upto date with this thread and thought I'd share a bit of my success after just finishing my first season in charge of Newscastle. After having a good save with Southampton, then getting the sack after a terrible start to my second season I was looking for a new team to start afresh. Newcastle was a top choice after I won the league in my first season! I had seen a few people say they had done this as well but never thought it was actually possible! I also won the carling cup after falling VERY lucky with fixtures, beating Bolton 3-1 in the final! In terms of signings and sales, I got rid of a lot of the usual players mentioned on here (jonas, marveaux, obertan, cisse) and also took the decision to cancel Remys loan, mainly to save the wage! I brought in a handful of players to boost my chances, mainly upfront having only Gouffran left as my striker. Rescaldani came in for little more than 2million along with Cerri for around 4, definitely looking to the future there. I got Dier to cover in defence and Tom Ince to boost my midfield options. My best signing was definitely the young right winger Allione, he scored 2 in my first league fixture against Sunderland and subsequently won player of the season. My only other signings were Fierro on loan and Timo Horn as back up goalkeeper. I won tthe league with 76 points and generally played very well thought the full season, even though many results were 1-0 scraps, I'll take them any day of the week! Just wanted to share my success as it's one of my favourite ever saves and I'm looking forward to the future!
  4. Well i've just finished my 2nd season in charge of Tottenham using some ideas from this post. Thanks to Cleon for directing me to his thread in regards to playing Neymar in the Treq role! He finished the season on 22 goals, 2nd top scorer in league. I won the Champions league at the first time of trying, beating Bayern 2-0, Neymar scored both and subsequently won the player of the tournament! Brilliant stuff!!! Also, a shout out to the tactics of edgar555, Lloris finished with 24 clean sheets and i conceded the fewest goals in the league...22.
  5. Thanks for all the help guys. I'll try a few things this season and see how i get on.
  6. I love this thread! have started changing my tactics with Tottenham to match what has been mentioned on here. went the first 3 games without conceding but i'm struggling to score goals! Just bought Neymar for £41m to play in the DLF position and he is doing nothing to be honest, he's only scored one in 7 games now. Any advice please?
  7. Any advice on who is best to replace Lennon? Looking for someone under 25 with MR as favoured position.
  8. I'm in need of some help! I am currently in my 3rd season as the mighty Spurs, in Feb 2014 actually. I have a very good chance of winning the league for the first time with me being 7 points clear of Man U and 8 clear of Man C in 3rd. When the summer comes along i want to get rid of a few players and give the younger players some playing time ( Sanogo, Fierro and a few regens). One of the players i NEED to get rid of is Tevez. This is where i need some advice. He is now 30, 3rd choice striker behind Negredo/Doumbia so i really dont need him or his 250k/wk salary!! (He had a 25% annual pay rise that i didnt know about). The problem is i cant sell him! I even reduced the asking price to £10. Million, even though hes worth £18 and no-one will bid either because his wages are too high or asking price is too high! HELP!!
  9. I have just finished my first season with Tottenham.My first team squad was: Gomes Walker Dawson Gallas Assou-Ekotto Lennon Modric Bale Van Der Vaart Tevez Defoe I started off by signing just one player, Tevez for around £20 million and sold Pav and Dos Santos for a total of £10million. All the way upto January i was battling with Liverpool for the top spot and on the 1st of January i sat in first place having only lost 2 games until this point. Notable victories in the first half of the season were beating Man City 5-0, Arsenal 2-0 and Chelsea 3-1. In the January transfer window i was offered the chance to adjust my season objective to title challenge, giving me an additional £26million to spend. I bought Deulofeu for £10M from Barcelona as back up to Lennon, also got Emre Can for £700k and Joel Valencia for £1million. I really needed a left back as bassong and AE both left for African Cup but was unable to agree deals for the likes of Fabio, alex sandro and Jose Angel. In this transfer window i sold Huddlestone to Sevilla for £10m and Parker to Man City for £7.5m, both were back ups and had only played a handful of games for me in the cups.and In February i won the League Cup by beating Burnley 4-0. Following a few wins and draws in the league, i found myself still in title contention with Man City hot on the heels of myself and Liverpool. During the last 2 months of the season i fell apart, success in the league and uefa cups meant my players were very tired and i found myself sticking in back up players almost every game, players like Falque and Emre Can were having to fill the boots of Bale and Modric on a weekly basis. This meant key losses to Arsenal, Man city and Liverpool along with a UEFA cup final loss to Palermo on Penalties!!! I managed to finish 3rd, below Man City and Liverpoool, beating Man U to 3rd place. Chelsea had a terrible season, finishing 7th!! Jermain Defoe was my surprise package this season, finishing with 48 gols in 54 appearances in all competitions! He and Tevez both managed 24 goals each in the league. I am now looking to the new season, not sure how much i have to spend yet but my priorities are: A Keeper, either to replace Gomes as first choice or a quality youngster who will replace him after next season. A Centeral defender, as i think i will sell King and possibly Dawson. A World Class Striker, to replace Adebayor and Defoe. Reccommendations Welcome!!!
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