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  1. It took lots of reloads but I've finally got a local team, I'm now the manager of Matlock Town.
  2. I've selected the Ryman Premier League, Calor Southern Premier League and Evo-Stick Northern Premier League, I think they are the correct ones for the challenge.
  3. I've not done this challenge for a while, so I'm going to give it a go. I've noticed that during the advanced setup the English league names differ slightly to what is on dafuges example. Which ones would I need to select?
  4. I've noticed these 2 regens in my FM15 save recently.
  5. The ability to tell a Goalkeeper that he's being signed as a number 2, so he doesn't get upset at only playing in cup games etc. and this could also work with other positions too.
  6. Great, thanks for the info, I've just changed my settings. Now to wait for a disallowed goal!!
  7. Multi monitor support - a lot more people are using computers with more than 1 monitor (I'm using 2) It would be nice to be able to watch the match on 1 monitor without having any of the boxes on, but on my 2nd monitor be able to choose various sections of information that I want to see (a bit like on the home screen) Offside replays - I normally watch the games with key highlights selected, and with the replays set to show goals. There isn't an option to show the replay of the offside that led to a goal not being given. It would be nice to have an option that could be selected or not to show the offside and it perhaps have a line shown across the pitch to give you an idea as to whether it was the correct decision or not. This would give you a better idea of what to respond when asked questions by the media after the game. Pre-season tours - I'm sure in an earlier version of the game (possibly FM13 or FM14) you had to name a squad of players to take with you on a tour. It would make sense that you would name a squad of say 30 players to take, probably a mixture of first team, squad players and promising young players and then only be able to use those rather than being able to select anyone at your club despite you playing in America, Australia or Japan etc. It would also be nice for these tours to have both a financial cost, and a potential financial gain shown too before you create the tour so you could see whether it would be worthwhile you going.
  8. The other thing is when looking at a players history it only shows league appearances and goals. Would some sort of filter to include or exclude goals and appearances in other competitions be difficult to implement?
  9. One little thing that I would like is when starting a new game, if I wanted to retain players from a particular country or countries, we have to select them one at a time from a long list. I would like it if they were either: - In a list but separated into regions/continents (also the ability to select more than one at once by holding down Ctrl) or Like when you are choosing leagues, have filters that would remove unwanted countries
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