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  1. Are you able to play a network game on FMM2017? My son and I want to do a game where we are 2 teams in the same game. Will this be possible? Thanks
  2. I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. 7inch and I have never had a problem with mine. It runs perfectly (or to my knowledge!) and is fantastic. Could not recommend it enough!!
  3. Im also very happy with the Rankings and Dynamic League Reputation. Means over time I can finally sign world class players for Welsh clubs!! Is there also still a cap on how many seasons?
  4. Although they are both FM14 games, I believe in terms of the background information, they are miles apart and pretty much 2 different games. All the coding wouldnt work etc.
  5. Use your scout network wisely. Look who is on the free transfer list, especially at the end of the season when the contracts run out. Ive taken Annan Athletic from Scottish Div 3 to Scottish Prem in 5years by mainly free transfers ive picked up at the end of seasons and some decent loan signings. Hope that helps!
  6. I currently have FMH14 and love it, I just like the old games and reliving my youth! Thanks all,
  7. Hi, Not sure if I have posted this in the wrong place so apologies if so! I am looking to see if it is possible to get any of these two games either on my iPhone 5c or my tablet which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and if so, how to do it? I love these games but do not own a PC/laptop anymore (moving on with the times!) and would love to be able to play them again! Any help is appreciated for someone who has NO idea!! Thanks
  8. It is only a little thing but i think it just adds to the excitement, I love watching a good old cup draw!! Without the rubbish that comes before it from FIFA!
  9. I would like to be able to watch the cup draws! Whether that be League Cup 1st Round, Champions League Group Stage or World Cup draw! I think they are brilliant. Realistically, is this something that is difficult to add? Thanks
  10. I have noticed, it is best to assign a scout to the UK & Ireland. Most of what he comes back with is out of the price bracket but there are a few stars you can find. Also filter on free transfers and scout a few that look good. That worked for me!
  11. Completely agree with the odds to be fair, that is something I enjoy no matter what league I play in. Although I think the scouting side, that depends on how good your scouts are as well I believe? It is tailored for each different scout and dependant on what you already have.. I may be wrong though
  12. I must say, I love the game as it is. Yeah there are the odd few things from the PC/MAX game I miss (watching a cup draw)! But its not a breaker for me. It reminds me of playing the old style CM2 games and being able to get through a season at a good speed but also feel like you are really achieving something, the balance is perfect. You will never make everybody happy as everyone wants something different! But I am one very happy customer! Keep up the excellent work Marc and the team!
  13. I think our recent struggles are a lot less than what your going through!! Although beating Hibs must help a tad!
  14. Hopefully you were not a United fan their to see the massacre?? Im an MUFC fan & seeing it at the pub was painful enough!
  15. Hi, This is one for the makers really, how does it work with licensing? You have all the logos/pictures etc for Championship and downwards. The premiership is just the names of teams and players? Do you have a license for the names just not photos and logos? Reminds me of playing Pro Evolution Soccer with Man Red at Trad Brick :-)
  16. Maybe the board believe your facilities are good enough? Although you may not, Or purely they do not want to pay up?
  17. So frustrating with the maximum bid, you see some crazy ones. I bid 16k for a player, and Aberdeen came in and bid 350k!!
  18. Thats not a bad idea actually, I do usually overcomplicate stuff. Will give it a try! Thanks!
  19. Forgetting to remove, or at least attempt to remove the big club release clause when managing Annan Athletic, then losing a player to Aston Villa for 100k who became premier league top scorer! grrr
  20. I have heard rumours floating around that 97/98/ can be played on tablets. I have a samsung galaxy tab 3, and have dosbox on there but have no idea at all how to get the game on my tablet.... Any ideas anyone?!?!?! If anyone can help they would have legendary status with me :-) haha Thanks
  21. Completely agree, one question though, (as I only had it once) is it the bigger the scalp, the bigger the reward? For example, If I am Stalybridge Celtic and I beat QPR at home I get 20k, if I beat Man City away do I still get 20k or would it be more?
  22. Not great after just being relegated again! Will have a look when Im home, Dont think it would go down well if I got my tablet out at my desk! Thanks
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