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    Created what I think is the legendary "Lone Gunman" tactic, way back when for Championship manager 01/02

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  1. I'd hardly call me a talent based on my record. I'm flattered by your high opinion of me though ......
  2. Please take this as constructive criticism, because I have really enjoyed watching both this and the Head Coach series but is there any way you can be less robotic with your talking style? It's like you talk in 8 word sentences, before ending in a lowered tone after the 5th sentence every time. Please don't think I'm being critical, I'm just trying to help your channel grow for the future
  3. I'm not convinced by this new formation. It seems to me that by giving away so much possession, you're asking for trouble
  4. I don't know how you find the time to play so much FM!!! Really enjoying both series though, keep up the good work.
  5. Good tactic but so many yellow and red cards! I'm having to make so many in-game changes I'm thinking I might as well set everyone to ease off tackles from the start
  6. It's certainly going to be interesting to see if you can turn Newcastle into title challengers. Good luck with this one!
  7. Really interesting to read how you've developed the team. I was just wondering, have you managed to achieve all this by still using the tactic you came up with right at the start? It just seems remarkable to achieve all this with what looks like a very basic 442!!
  8. Regarding transfers and loans, do you list players for either transfer or loan and then leave it up to the Director of Football to find them a club, or do you not even get involved with the status of the player in that respect?
  9. Back to back promotions with Gateshead from the Conference to the Championship but I'm thinking I'm punching well above my weight now as I sit in the drop zone after 6 games with just 1 win. I'll persevere though and see how this ends up
  10. Just out of interest, what happens in this one if you get sacked? I assume game over?
  11. Following back to back promotions with Gateshead to league one and a decent start, followed by some indifferent form, I changed to a balanced mentality whilst 2-1 up in the Charlton game and things have improved a lot
  12. Don't know if it's a freak season from him but I'm finding with version 2 that playing a right footed player on the left wing is bringing me plenty of goals from an average player. Need to find a left footed right winger and see if I get the same results
  13. Brilliant tactic and on the verge of getting my Gateshead team into League 1 but my word, the amount of red cards I'm getting due to the "tackle harder" option on a number of players!! I'm not complaining though
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