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    Created what I think is the legendary "Lone Gunman" tactic, way back when for Championship manager 01/02

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  1. Don't know if it's a freak season from him but I'm finding with version 2 that playing a right footed player on the left wing is bringing me plenty of goals from an average player. Need to find a left footed right winger and see if I get the same results
  2. Brilliant tactic and on the verge of getting my Gateshead team into League 1 but my word, the amount of red cards I'm getting due to the "tackle harder" option on a number of players!! I'm not complaining though
  3. Looks like a solid tactic. Well done on creating it
  4. wobbly007

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Great read during my lunch break, so thanks. One question though, and maybe I'm being stupid, but how on earth are you getting through the seasons so quickly?!?!?
  5. wobbly007

    [FM19]A Colwyn Blows Through England...

    Will be interesting to see how the change of formation works, especially with the use of a Libero
  6. So what success have you had with this style of play?
  7. Anyone else getting this? When your player picks up the ball it shows him as being injured on the match screen, but then it doesn't show him as being injured on the overview screen between highlights
  8. Agreed. I've already posted on this and my game is played straight out of the box with no custom content at all. Seems like a game issue to me which I'd like resolved so I can play what I've paid good money for
  9. Will be interested to see how you go with this new challenge and how long it takes you to turn the club into Champions. Just out of interest, are you still using the tactics you describe on page 18 or have you modified it further since then?
  10. Didn't do it to start with but I've found recently that when I start to cancel friendlies and arrange games I want to play, the game will crash on me. Anyone else experiencing this? I haven't managed to get the crash code yet but if it does it again I will
  11. So far, so good with this during my latest Shamrock save. Sticking with my 5-3-2 WB formation that has been gradually tweeked, the target man has got 5 goals in 7 and the defensive forward has scored 9 goals in 8
  12. The target man / defensive forward sounds like it could be an interesting combo. Think I'll give this a go once I get a job, after being sacked following relegation with Llandudno, and see how it fares
  13. I remember the days when I used to love playing with a target man (Zigic) and poacher with great success but now I just seem to go to the default of an advanced striker (a) and a deep lying forward (s). I was wondering what success people are currently having in FM18 with different two striker partnerships? Have you managed to get a target man to be successful with a poacher? Or maybe a poacher with a deep lying forward? A false nine with a trequartista? I'm asking in the hope of injecting a bit of life in my 5-3-2 WB formation which is seriously impotent at the moment.
  14. Impressive. It's tempting me to buy FM18 and give it a go!
  15. wobbly007

    Training The Furious Way

    Here you go, hope this works. I always use this schedule on FM12 http://www.sendspace.com/file/rdaxow