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    Created what I think is the legendary "Lone Gunman" tactic, way back when for Championship manager 01/02

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  1. [Russia] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Don't know if it's a bug or my game has had a bit of a moment but is it normal in the Russian Premier League to be able to have 12 players on the subs bench? I've been looking on Google and can't find any mention of the rules.
  2. Agreed. I've already posted on this and my game is played straight out of the box with no custom content at all. Seems like a game issue to me which I'd like resolved so I can play what I've paid good money for
  3. Will be interested to see how you go with this new challenge and how long it takes you to turn the club into Champions. Just out of interest, are you still using the tactics you describe on page 18 or have you modified it further since then?
  4. Didn't do it to start with but I've found recently that when I start to cancel friendlies and arrange games I want to play, the game will crash on me. Anyone else experiencing this? I haven't managed to get the crash code yet but if it does it again I will
  5. So far, so good with this during my latest Shamrock save. Sticking with my 5-3-2 WB formation that has been gradually tweeked, the target man has got 5 goals in 7 and the defensive forward has scored 9 goals in 8
  6. The target man / defensive forward sounds like it could be an interesting combo. Think I'll give this a go once I get a job, after being sacked following relegation with Llandudno, and see how it fares
  7. I remember the days when I used to love playing with a target man (Zigic) and poacher with great success but now I just seem to go to the default of an advanced striker (a) and a deep lying forward (s). I was wondering what success people are currently having in FM18 with different two striker partnerships? Have you managed to get a target man to be successful with a poacher? Or maybe a poacher with a deep lying forward? A false nine with a trequartista? I'm asking in the hope of injecting a bit of life in my 5-3-2 WB formation which is seriously impotent at the moment.
  8. Training The Furious Way

    Here you go, hope this works. I always use this schedule on FM12 http://www.sendspace.com/file/rdaxow
  9. Have you tried setting up different centre back options and watching the game until you see something that resembles the style of play you want?
  10. Hmmm, why does this post and it's content seem familiar........... Could be wrong I suppose
  11. Mod Requests

    Can you close this thread please http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=211731 Got some xml parsing error and some other error that meant I had to uninstall and reinstall my game, deleting everything else in the process Thanks
  12. I don't understand why you can't just change the corner routines so that you don't exploit this flaw? Seems a bit extreme to stop playing a game because of something that is so easy to stop from happening
  13. [FM10] Isle be a success if it kills me

    Thanks. I was planning on adding screen shots from this point onwards seeing as at the time of playing, I didn't intend to start a thread here
  14. Version - FM10 v10.3 Leagues - English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Northern Irish Started unemployed with automatic reputation After struggling to get into FM10 of late, I've put it down to me just using downloaded tactics and not really playing and getting involved in the game. As a result I've decided to start a career game where I'll only use my own tactics and if I do get bored I won't start another game, I'll resign and look for another job. I'm currently at the start of my 4th season and it's been a rollercoaster 4 years to say the least which has seen my go to Chester City, Peterborough, Gainsborough and my current club Dartford A brief rundown of those 4 years: Employed as Chester manager with them already relegated. Started the following season in the Blue Square North with an experimental 5-3-2 which clearly wasn't working and I left after 6 games with the team bottom of the league Much to my amazement Peterborough offered me a job with them struggling in the relegation zone of League One. I abandoned my apparently useless 5-3-2 formation and decided to go with an attacking 4-3-3 formation. This was working really well and we were moving up the league when I was linked with the QPR job who were playing in the Championship. I declared an interest, applied for the job, upset the board, resigned.............and didn't get the QPR job!! Struggled at this point to get another job until about 10 games to go when Gainborough offered me a job. They were rock bottom of the Blue Square North with little or no chance of staying up but I took the job anyway. Relegation promptly followed, along with the sack, and again I was unemployed for the start of the new season Dartford then decided to give me a go. Naturally for me, they were a team in the relegation zone of the Blue Square South but they had a squad that would fit into my 4-3-3 so I thought I'd give them a go and we finished a respectable 17th And this is where we stand now. It's the start of the 2012/13 season and worryingly we are nearly £300k in debt. I've got the vast majority of my squad with contracts due to expire so I'm going to let them all go and start building up a new team that is hopefully capable of challenging for promotion in a few years time Sorry for the essay, I promise future posts will be a lot shorter