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  1. I wish they'd get rid of this too. Annoying when I spend ages setting a save up, only to realise halfway through processing it that I've forgotten something, and so I'm forced to waste more time saving a game I'm not going to keep. Why it's forced in the first place, I don't know. Never used to be and we got along fine without it.
  2. Also, the game sometimes forgets which leagues and divisions I last loaded a save with, meaning that when I start a new save, they've reverted to the default 4 leagues and I have to spend time repicking everything. Again, not sure if this is linked with profile0.xml or a different file in the same folder. As a sidenote, it would be really great if there was an option to edit my manager outside of a save, so I can make corrections to it. I remember FM13 had this option.
  3. Even though I see that this issue is under review, I thought I'd just update this thread with a new related issue I've found, although I don't know if it's related specifically to the profile0.xml problem. Basically, even if the game manages to "remember" my profile, it isn't remembering certain changes I make to my manager in previous saves, such as height, weight, and attributes, although the latter is being caused by the game forcing a default "recommended for this club" setting (that I have to keep unticking with every save I create), and it forces my chosen attributes to different levels, which I then have to spend time correcting.
  4. My manager profile including 3D model keeps disappearing via several different ways: - Had a save going, but I decided to start again with a different club. Exited and deleted the save outside of the game. Booted the game back up to find everything in my profile had been deleted (name, details and model) and was faced with having to start all over again. - Manager profile is also wiped when using the Clear Cache option in Preferences. Entire profile wiped (name, details and model). Happens everytime and should be easily replicated. - Another instance of this happened when I started a game, chose Unemployed, then Advanced Start. Chose leagues, then Create Game. Set manager attributes, then chose a club. As soon as the save began, my manager model had reverted to default, but name and other details remained. Edit: Sorry, just found a thread for this in the UI forum. Feel free to delete this if you wish.
  5. Yep. I'm such a moany old cow when it comes to FM, but I can't stop myself from getting it, it's an addiction. Although this year I missed the discount offer due to lack of funds. If the reveal video had come out a week sooner, I would've been able to get it. Now I won't be able to get it unless it's in a sale.
  6. I'm getting this myself and I'm tearing my hair out. Before I found this thread, I'd already set my team with the instructions in the following post. They are punting the ball *everywhere*. Before the patch in December, this wasn't an issue. Something's changed and short possession play seems impossible to implement now. I'm managing Manchester United but it's been happening with any team I manage.
  7. Oh dear, I had no idea about that menu since I usually use the Player Overview Attributes page - selected "Highlight key attributes for role" and it's working on Player Overview Profile now. Sorry to waste your time. If anything happens in future, I'll reply to this thread. Thanks for your help.
  8. It doesn't work for me on the Player Overview Profile page either.
  9. Reported this issue during beta here: and was assured the issue was being looked at. Unfortunately, the issue still persists in exactly the same manner, and hasn't once worked once since I reported it. I've tried deleting the cache, changing skins (it only happens in full FM mode on both skins - I don't use any custom skins), and even performed a system reset and clean reinstall. It's really frustrating because it's such a great feature.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before, but which skin is this? It looks like FLUT Dark but that's just for full FM mode isn't it? Been searching everywhere for a nice FMC skin. Edit: It's ok, I've found it:
  11. The game will automatically update to the full release.
  12. You'll get an email from them with the key.
  13. It's not out in 15 minutes. He was pulling your leg. Only the staff know when it's coming out and they won't be saying anything.