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  1. I just had to jump through hoops setting up a dreaded Facebook account for this pack, only to find you have to donate money to get the password for the .rar file. Are people allowed to do this?
  2. I wish they'd get rid of this too. Annoying when I spend ages setting a save up, only to realise halfway through processing it that I've forgotten something, and so I'm forced to waste more time saving a game I'm not going to keep. Why it's forced in the first place, I don't know. Never used to be and we got along fine without it.
  3. Yep. I'm such a moany old cow when it comes to FM, but I can't stop myself from getting it, it's an addiction. Although this year I missed the discount offer due to lack of funds. If the reveal video had come out a week sooner, I would've been able to get it. Now I won't be able to get it unless it's in a sale.
  4. I'm getting this myself and I'm tearing my hair out. Before I found this thread, I'd already set my team with the instructions in the following post. They are punting the ball *everywhere*. Before the patch in December, this wasn't an issue. Something's changed and short possession play seems impossible to implement now. I'm managing Manchester United but it's been happening with any team I manage.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before, but which skin is this? It looks like FLUT Dark but that's just for full FM mode isn't it? Been searching everywhere for a nice FMC skin. Edit: It's ok, I've found it: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/415098-FMC-Skin-A-Darker-Variation-of-the-Classic-Dark-Skin
  6. The game will automatically update to the full release.
  7. It's not out in 15 minutes. He was pulling your leg. Only the staff know when it's coming out and they won't be saying anything.
  8. It should already be waiting in your library if you've ordered directly from Steam.
  9. I think that was with FM Live, something to do with the match engine, but it was in people's imaginations, so SI said they fixed it and there were no more complaints afterwards. I <i>think</i> so, anyway.
  10. They're kettling us in here so we don't spread and cause further mayhem on other threads.
  11. I didn't, mainly because the U in "unfortunately" wasn't capitalized.
  12. It's suddenly leapt up to 75! https://steamdb.info/app/295270/graphs/ Where are they getting all these people? And why have they only just showed up now? HMM?
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