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  1. I'm getting this myself and I'm tearing my hair out. Before I found this thread, I'd already set my team with the instructions in the following post. They are punting the ball *everywhere*. Before the patch in December, this wasn't an issue. Something's changed and short possession play seems impossible to implement now. I'm managing Manchester United but it's been happening with any team I manage.
  2. Oh dear, I had no idea about that menu since I usually use the Player Overview Attributes page - selected "Highlight key attributes for role" and it's working on Player Overview Profile now. Sorry to waste your time. If anything happens in future, I'll reply to this thread. Thanks for your help.
  3. It doesn't work for me on the Player Overview Profile page either.
  4. Reported this issue during beta here: and was assured the issue was being looked at. Unfortunately, the issue still persists in exactly the same manner, and hasn't once worked once since I reported it. I've tried deleting the cache, changing skins (it only happens in full FM mode on both skins - I don't use any custom skins), and even performed a system reset and clean reinstall. It's really frustrating because it's such a great feature.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before, but which skin is this? It looks like FLUT Dark but that's just for full FM mode isn't it? Been searching everywhere for a nice FMC skin. Edit: It's ok, I've found it:
  6. The game will automatically update to the full release.
  7. You'll get an email from them with the key.
  8. It's not out in 15 minutes. He was pulling your leg. Only the staff know when it's coming out and they won't be saying anything.
  9. It should already be waiting in your library if you've ordered directly from Steam.
  10. I think that was with FM Live, something to do with the match engine, but it was in people's imaginations, so SI said they fixed it and there were no more complaints afterwards. I <i>think</i> so, anyway.
  11. That's what I was thinking. That "<i>almost but not quite</i>" thing
  12. They're kettling us in here so we don't spread and cause further mayhem on other threads.
  13. I didn't, mainly because the U in "unfortunately" wasn't capitalized.