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  1. Wish something so blatant a bug would have been fixed by now: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279401-Scouts-returning-quickly-from-assignments
  2. Bought it from greenmangaming, bit worried they might screw up making the game available early as the receipt comes with no cd-key. Hopefully they'll email them out the day before release. Edit: a warning to U.S. buyers, my purchase got flagged as a 'suspicious activity' by Bank of America. Probably because the site is based in the U.K. Might have to deal with having to make a phone call to verify it. Still, $30 with the Summer discount code is still better than the $40 it's going for on Steam.
  3. Even if it's bug free, I'll probably wait out until the first patch. The match engine tweaks are just as important as game-breaking bugs.
  4. Started a Barcelona to test out the 11.1.1 hotfix and something I found funny happened during a derby match against Espanyol. Pedro scored a brace and we were leading 2-1 and by no means comfortable when David Villa won a penalty. My first and second choice penalty takers were set to Messi and Villa, but up comes Pedro! Cool feature if it isn't a bug. It makes sense that players would take a penalty if they were on a hat-trick. edit: Oh, forgot to mention that Pedro sent his shot wide and didn't complete his hat-trick.
  5. The Everton one looks a strange, but Arsenal in-game are pretty flush with cash even with loans to pay off. Still, the idea of Wenger having 50 mil to spend sounds a bit odd.
  6. For me, the bars are close to being maxed out about a dozen games into the season (not including preseason). I think it helps if you're consistent with your tactics and don't fiddle with them every chance you get.
  7. Ah. Forgot about the dynamic league reputation feature for this year. I think the obvious answer would be the countries the big boys of Europe send their players to in order to get EU citizenship like Poland and Belgium.
  8. I guess tactics would be the most obvious answer (maybe liberal usage of the retain possession shout?). He averages about 40 passes a game for me and I don't usually like to play him the full 90 because of fitness/discipline. I think one of the issues with playing as Barcelona in FM is that they're ridiculously good. I checked the player stats page for La Liga and none of my players are in the top 100 for distance covered and in real life Xavi covers like 11-12 kilometers a game. He has high workrate in FM, but it hardly shows.
  9. FM 2011 researchers seems to have taken into account the performances of someone the players of this year's World Cup. Players like Oezil and Coentrao really benefited statswise this year. I remember the latter playing as leftback for Portugal against North Korea and he was really impressive going forward.
  10. Go look at your team roster and right click on the youth player and click on Interaction, then Comment on Player, and finally if there's "Learn from Player (Internal)," you should be able to get someone tutor him.
  11. I personally enjoying watching the AI duke it out sometimes. I usually try to catch matches that are big in real life (derbies, cup finals, etc). Anyway, I just finished watching Barcelona vs. R. Madrid. I don't think I've seen this fixture ever end 0-0 in-game. Barcelona looked like Stoke City and Real Madrid looked like Barcelona going forward. Every Barcelona goal except for Henry's came directly from a corner. Madrid were tearing Barcelona apart with their passing. Three minutes of added time is added on after 90 minutes, Pique gets injured and Henry comes on to replace him. Raul makes a game that was 2-0 at half-time into a 3-3 draw in the fifth minute of added time. And I think, "wow this game couldn't be more epic." But, Henry scores in the TENTH MINUTE of added time to prove me wrong. It looks like it could potentially be an important game as well. Barcelona are now only two points behind R. Madrid in the league with roughly half the season played. This game topped the Inter vs AC Milan derby I caught earlier. Pato drew the game at 3-3 with a 30 yard wonderstrike. So what about you guys? Seen any interesting matches?
  12. He got sent off in the first game of the season. I was playing Arsenal in the Community Shield and the referee thought he handled outside of the box and gave him a straight red, Van Persie scored from the freekick. To be fair, it wasn't his fault. It was a soft red and the FA were silent when I criticized them. They didn't rescind the red card though when I appealed, probably because I give them a lot of crap and abuse the referee when refs screw me over. I remember Mike Dean giving Wigan a soft penalty which gave them a 1-1 draw when I was barely ahead of Chelsea in the Premier League. Still a top class keeper though. He's generally a lot cheaper than the other good established keepers in the game.
  13. Into my second season now, I accepted an offer from Real Madrid for Vidic for 42 million (38 up front) but Vidic said he was settled here so that's a no go. I had an offer of 43 million accepted for Chiellini but I guess that's scrapped now that Vidic is staying. Edit: Ended up selling Rio to Arsenal, so Chiellini still came in.
  14. Just had a bid of 60 million pounds accepted for Fabregas. 25 million plus 48 month installments and extra for appearances and goals. Probably going to sell Anderson and buy a defensive midfielder. Thinking about selling Berbatov now that he's approaching 30, I have Dzeko who looks like he can slot in nicely and Macheda who's coming along pretty well. I sold Welbeck to some Championship team with fees totaling to about 7 mil plus 30% of his next transfer fee because Macheda's a better prospect.
  15. Just finished up my first season. I won the Premier League by 6 points and won the Champions League by beating Real Madrid in the final. Kind of broke my heart to beat Ronaldo and Evra (who I sold.) Getting my second season plans in order right now. I'm planning on changing from the 442 formation I've been using into a 433. I'm probably going to invest in a central midfielder or two and bring in a left-back. Vargas as a replacement for Evra has been pretty disappointing, though he might not have settled because he doesn't speak English. Arsenal finished 5th and now Fabregas looks interested but I'll probably have to pay an arm and a leg to get him.