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  1. There is no command to retain players based on ability, but the following commands can be used to retain players from a specific club or nation. For example to retain Barcelona's players you would put: "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "Barcelona" To retain Spain's players you would put: "RETAIN_NATION_PLAYERS" "Spain" REMEMBER: All commands must go on a new line, e.g. "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "Barcelona" "RETAIN_NATION_PLAYERS" "Spain"
  2. I used a custom database, but deleted all the database changes as it contained personal information. The file I uploaded just contains the advanced rule setups for the competition. The idea behind was this to allow you create your own competition in your database and use my .fmf file as a reference for setting the competition; it was not shared to be run on its own, as it will not work by itself.
  3. No, no plans for FM20 since the 2026 World Cup format is already implemented in the game.
  4. Is anyone still using the DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN command? Can you confirm it it still works correctly? "DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" "First Name" "Common Name" "Last Name" "Birth date (dd / mm / yyyy)" "Nation (first nationality)" "Favourite Team" "Ethnicity" "Skin Tone" "Hair Colour" "Height (in cm) "" Weight (in kg) "" Preferred Foot "" Preferred Position "" Favourite Number "" Birth City " "CA""PA""Club ID" e.g. "DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" "Gabriel" "" "Batistuta" "01/02/2009" "Argentina" "A.C.F. Fiorentina" "0" "5" "3" "185" "" "Right" "ATTACKER_CENTRAL" "9" "108489" "145" "188" "8
  5. 1) a) Take a backup of your comp editor.fmf file b) Open the Resource Archiver and extract the comp editor.fmf file into a folder. 2) In the folder locate the file 'advanced rules.xml' (It should be in comp editor > format > rule group > advanced) 3) Open the advanced rules.xml in Notepad++ 4) Locate the following in the file <!-- release version --> 5) In that section change the following field to 'false' <boolean id="debug_only" value="true" /> --------------> <boolean id="debug_only" value="false" /> (You can als
  6. These are the ones I had from before, not sure if all of them work anymore. Competition: "COMP_COLOUR_CHANGE" [Competition ID] 0 [RGB Colour 1] [RGB Colour 2] e.g. "COMP_COLOUR_CHANGE" 1301396 0 240 171 0 130 36 51 Kit Colors "COLOUR_CHANGE" <ID> <Kit 0|1|2> <R 0-255> <G 0-255> <B 0-255> <R 0-255> <G 0-255> <B 0-255> e.g. "COLOUR_CHANGE" 5350061 0 0 0 0 175 180 43
  7. Does anyone know where to find the international competition files that show in Advanced Rules menu of the editor? I'm specifically looking for the 'inter_copa_america' as seen in the attached screenshot. I have already checked the comp.fmf archive and did not find it there.
  8. This is no longer possible in FM19. In previous versions of the game there was the option to set the capital city of a nation.
  9. In the Club Details page for 'Wellington Phoenix', change the Based Nation value from New Zealand to Australia, and check if that allows the team to be eligible for the AFC Champions League
  10. The file was not meant to be downloaded and run as a competition. I have not included all the database changes in that file, that is why you cannot see anything in the game. The file is for you to use as a reference when creating your own all star competition.
  11. I created a new competition, but I used the MLS All-Star competition as the template.
  12. I have not tried it with two different leagues in the same nation, but in theory it should work. You will just need to create another all star club and assign it under the 'All-Star' rules section of the competition. I did try to create an All-Star team from the UEFA Champions League, but it has not worked so far.
  13. I finally got this to work. Please take a look at the attached file for the setups I used. All-Star.fmf
  14. Another you can try is keeping the same 'Requirements', but change the 'Year Offset' value to -1
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