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  1. Look at where you were conceding goals in those matches and make steps to prevent them.
  2. Your tactic is clearly fine, the problem is probably that you're using it in the wrong circumstances sometimes. You don't play the same way against Arsenal, Bayern, City and Spurs away as you do against Hertha and Sheff Wed at home.
  3. I generally start with control, flexible, normal width, closing down, def line etc. nothing too crazy. Always have exploit both flanks and more expressive/roam from positions if I'm going to be attacking. Player instructions are just sticking to players strengths (long shots, fullbacks generally sticking wide for the overlap). My advice is just don't be too rigid, I play variations of 4-4-2, 3-5-1, 3-4-2 etc. when the situation calls for it. When you're playing as Man Utd with the players you can buy you can play however the situation requires.
  4. Just annoy Juventus as much as you can to sign Dybala, it's a very easy game after that.
  5. 33 years old, no idea why they wanted rid. Had a deal agreed to get Iniesta on a free until Ronaldo popped up for £5.5m and I had to cancel it to free up the wage bill for his £450k a week demands. Won the Ballon d'Or though so he's a bargain and averaging 8.18 this season with 13 goals in 13 games (9 assists) even though we're only in November and he's missed 5 weeks through injury.
  6. So I finally got into a decent save, currently just started my 4th season. Here's my squad; First season: Won the league with 93 points and +46GD, Arsenal second with 86 points and 53GD. Boro, Burnley and Hull relegated, Chelsea and Liverpool failed to make CL spots, the rest well behind. Won the FA Cup (2-0 v Spurs), Lost League cup 3rd round vs Arsenal and lost final of Europa League 2-1 to Lyon My top scorers (overall): Martial 20(40 apps), Rashford 17(39), Zlatan 16(28), Top goal scorer (league): Mkhitaryan - 12(31) (Overall top scorer Kane - 27) Most assists: Martial - 13 Highest rating: Shaw - 7.45 Fans PotY: Smalling Second season: 2nd in the league with 84 points and +41GD, Arsenal top with 92 points and 54GD (Thanks to Icardi's 24 goals). Southampton, Palace and QPR relegated, Liverpool 5th, the rest well behind. Newcastle 6th and City 7th. Lost FA cup final to Man City. Lost League cup 4th round to Chelsea. Won CL (beating Real 4-3, Barca 3-1 and Bayern 1-0 in final). Top scorers (overall): Zlatan - 26 Top goal scorer (league): Zlatan - 15 (Overall top scorer Kane - 25) Most assists: Mkhitaryan - 12 Highest rating: Pogba (7.39) Fans PotY: Rashford Third season: Won the league with 96 points and +81GD, Arsenal second with 83 points and 44GD. Watford, Fulham and Brighton relegated, Chelsea (11th) and City (7th) failed to make CL spots while Stoke snook in 5th. Lost to Man City in the 4th round. Lost 4th round of League Cup vs Wolves. Lost CL semi-final to Juventus. Also won the Super Cup and CWC. My top scorers (overall): Dybala - 40 Top goal scorer (league): Dybala 28 (also top scorer overall ahead of Kane on 26, Ronaldo 3rd on 25(in 27 games!)) Most assists: Dybala - 15 Highest rating: Ronaldo (7.86) Fans PotY: Ronaldo Transfers season by season; And the newgen in the squad: Total transfer spend so far - £666m (£166m/season) Total transfer income - £382m (£95m/season) Net spend - £284m (£71m/season)
  7. There was a tool on Genie Scout that predicted what a player would look like when they reached their potential, obviously that was very speculative, which is maybe what you're thinking of?
  8. Have you got the in game editor? Simply load it up and when you modify columns in the search bit go to hidden > PA Genie Scout has been reading in-game code to pull out PA values since at least the 2007 edition, you can check very easily by loading up previous editions and seeing that PA's match up between that and the pre-game editor. It's injectors like FMRTE that occasionally used to throw up bizarre bugs by messing with the code but Genie Scout never actually modifies your save file.
  9. Genie scout reads game date not displayed in the UI, it doesn't estimate anything.
  10. This is what Donald Trump's presidential campaign would look like if it was played out in FM.
  11. Saving themselves, nobody wants to run a world record in the heats do they? More tactical genius from Ronaldo that sets him above the little one.
  12. Oh lord no, I'd never be able to attract anyone that young. It's all about wooing them with financial security at this stage,
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