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  1. Morning. Been searching around the web and this forum etc and cannot find any info. I know a month ago there was some consideration into releasing a different skin / colour variation etc? Any news of this? Or, is there an option in game to change the colours etc ? I much, much prefer the old 2018 colours. I find it hard to see / read things I.e squad list etc now that the text is even smaller in this version. Second issue. In commentary only, when looking at the player ratings during game, why isn’t the commentary text centralised in the commentary box? It’s too high up meaning it’s hard to read when the game is playing when you’re on ratings view, which I like as it shows condition % thanks.
  2. Any update on this? Is there anyway to change the colour scheme, or skin? its the only thing I actually hate about the game. Too dark. No contrast between lines of (now smaller than 2018) text etc. Thanks
  3. Playing in the Premier League, with Spurs Even players who go out on loan to Premier League clubs, always come back worse off. I've taken screenshots of stats before and after and there is absolute no change You'd think that in a years loan, at a decent Premier league club (i.e. I had one at West Ham and one at Southampton) that players would improve, they definitely should not be going backwards (in terms of potential ability) I really just think it is something which is overlooked on this game, and players never seem to push on during a loan, which normally is the final link to being an established first teamer for high potential youngsters
  4. Is it just me, or does there seem to be a big issue on FM with players going on loan and making absolute no progress ? Players who play every match, perform well, yet come back and a lot of the time, their current ability, and potential ability, as shown by the assistant report with their star rating, has actually declined ? There doesn't even seem to be rapid progression made on loans in even rare occassions. The amount of high potential players, ruined by the loan system is silly. They cannot be played at full team level yet, as current ability is poor, so you send them to get games on loan, only to normally see them return, with lower ability and potential than before
  5. What are the positives with the B side In terms of player devlopment, is it better a player, say, 18, and a good prospect, to play under 19 football, or be moved to the B-side for a season ?
  6. This exactly. Definitely echo those sentiments ... If I rotate 2 players, for lesser and play a team of similar ilk or better, it is more than enough to guarantee me a defeat
  7. How do I do that ? Does it have to be done during the transfer window ?
  8. I was wondering how much emphasis being unfit had on performance etc. Obviously it is fed into the "programming", so they won't perform as they should, but even maybe 2 players unfit against a quality side will have a huge impact in real life ... so surely same applies
  9. No, because surprisingly, I actually want to do well and have a successful season ...
  10. How do people keep players match fit managing in Spain ? There is no reserve football, no-one over the age of 18 can play in the under 19's, the B team are a complete separate entity, so you cannot move players to them for a month to get fit I am struggling big time. My 14/15 who I play a lot are fine, but for example back up keepers, 3rd choice strikers etc are totally unfit and never play any matches ! Any ideas?
  11. But that requires a lot of faffing around ... If you make some unavailable for the U21's, the next match, there isn't the option to make them available again .... so it requires clicking every individual player you want to be selected again and clicking development, make available for 90 minutes etc There has to be some way to add into the patch an improvement where the assistant manager picks based on fitness, or at least we have that option to tell him to rotate the players etc It's very monotonous and laborious if not... and if you forget a week or so, the players will not be fit enough to play if needed
  12. I've listened very clearly, so have numerous others. What I can apply, I have. I still believe there is a massive flaw with the system and such unrealistic things occur with the market. I now play with 4 leagues loaded and playable and a small database... I still receive no offers for numerous players for free transfer and for free loan, when there is not a single reason (going on Alex's ideas) why they would not be sold ... As a paying customer, I think there is a masssive flaw, with the product, as have many, many others, so I voice it in the right place ?
  13. The biggest problem I have (playing in England) is the under 21 system. Only 3 players over age can play, which means you have 11 playing on your first team match day ... maybe one sub might get a good 30 minutes or so ... So that's 12 on a normal matchday playing and then 3 in the "reserves" under 21's So, 15 people playing "regular" Now firstly, the under 21 system is no fault of SI, that is the way England is going at present. But, the issue I have raised in the bugs forum before, is that the assistant always picks the same 3 players (the best 3) to play as the over age players... This means, having 10 players, over 22 available for the under 21's / reserves ... I always end up with around 6 completely unfit as they are never chosen to play as the over-age player ....
  14. Again and again this keeps appearing and people keep having the same issue ...
  15. Pay in total, including monthly fee, 80% of his monthly wages .... A very rare example where I could sign a player on loan without paying his full salary !! haha
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