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  1. just a few little suggestions. 1)be able to put young players i sign into youth training, at the moment you can put them in the youth team but they are trained with the rest of the squad over working my first team coaches. 2)maybe have some sort of fan rating of the players on there scouting profile or coach report so you can get some idea of what the fans think of the player 3)along with this a bigger deal made of big signings and some media message about what the fans think this says and you can comment on there role in the team( like when a player does the whole posing with the shirt thing but without poncy pictures) also bigger deal about winning things , im nottalking music or flashing lights just more build up (maybe run in for the league) and a fans excitement thing. 4) media or pundits making comments on your tactics and maybe suggestions from them as to how to put this right, eg tottenham are finding it hard to defend set pieces the manager should spend some time on this, or so and so keep getting players running in behind them a deeper defence could be thwe solution. (could be a useful tutorial kind of thing where you can set a scale to how often this happens) 5)thats the realistic one i can think of but as more a fantasy then anything id like to be able to set players up outside of there set positions on the field by some kind of slider and so the positions are more areas you want the player to cover
  2. when you are only fully aware of eu citizenship rules for each country because of FM see an italian team make a signing from brazil and wonder if he has duel nationality or thats there one transfer of a non eu citizen taken up for that year. you plan everything to coincide with the time the game is processing fixtures even going to the toilet or getting a drink, when spending quality time with your girlfriend (having obviously gone on holiday in the game) you suddenly look at your watch and realise you should be back from holiday and so you either have to leave your girlfriend alone or go on holiday again.....and thats a tough choice
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