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  1. ------------Cech Ivanovic-Cahill-Luiz-Cole ------------Mikel -------Ramires-Mata Hulk-------Falcao---Hazard I dreamt that this was the team for next season... and they were stylin all over everyone! If lightweights like Iniesta and Modric can play CM, then i'm sure Mata can as well.
  2. 14m to Inter. Not very much I know but his high wage was annoying me and I have Neymar, Mata, Lukaku and Sturridge as strikers anyway and yea it was a great start...and it's just got better: Everton 0-3 Chelsea (Sturridge brace) Leverkusen 1-2 Chelsea (last minute winner from supersub Lukaku!) Chelsea 6-0 Sunderland (another Neymar hat trick) Cheltenham 0-4 Chelsea Chelsea 1-0 Tottenham Chelsea 3-0 Leverkusen (Neymar brace) Chelsea 4-0 Fulham (Neymar brace) Neymar might be anonymous in some games but 3 hat tricks and 3 braces shows that when he's on it, he's really on it
  3. It was painful to watch at times but fair play to the 'old guard'- they made us proud last night. Ramires, Ivanovic, Luiz and Torres all put in a great effort as well, despite a few less than quality moments from the latter two. Although winning the CL is beyond this team, a top four place isn't and I feel more confident that they'll overhaul Spurs or Arsenal now...
  4. I started a new save as Chelsea manager on Sunday and whilst it's been easy so far, it's still fun enough to stick with it. TRANSFERS IN: Rodwell, Hazard, van der Wiel, Willian and Neymar TRANSFERS OUT: Drogba, Torres, Hilario, Clifford, Bosingwa, Ferreira, Malouda, Mikel and Romeu(loan) FIRST CHOICE 11: --------------Cech van der Wiel-Luiz-Terry-Cole ---------Ramires-Lampard Willian--------------------Hazard ---------Neymar-Mata 10 games into the season i've won 9 and lost 1. Results so far QPR 0-2 Chelsea (Neymar brace) Chelsea 5-2 Man Utd (Neymar hat trick) Norwich 1-0 Chelsea (Neymar red card 4th minute) Chelsea 3-0 Stoke Chelsea 5-1 Valencia (Mata brace) Swansea 0-3 Chelsea Chelsea 3-0 Bolton Chelsea 3-0 Wigan Napoli 1-5 Chelsea (Mata brace) WBA 3-5 Chelsea (Neymar hat trick) As you can see there's been plenty of goals. Neymar with 9 goals, 2 assists in 7 games and Mata with 7 goals, 11 assists in 9 games have been the standout performers so far. Credit to super-sub Lukaku with 4 goals in 2(6) games as well. Fun times
  5. Edin Dzeko for my Leeds side in FM 2011! He scored a ridiculous number of goals
  6. Sheffield Wednesday fulfill 1,2,3 and 5. Definitely a team worthy of the PL with their support and history...
  7. Just bought Total War Shogun 2 but I might find time to start up a Malaga save- trying to topple Barcelona and Real Madrid should be a challenge right? It's too easy to win and then defend league titles in other countries (won the title with Leeds in my 2nd PL season)
  8. Promoted in my first season, finished 6th in my second season and won the league in my third: The winning squad: When i've finished moving house IRL , i'll attempt to lead Leeds to CL glory before the new patch hits- definitely in a strong enough financial position to do so with a squad that'll only improve (average age 24)
  9. Despite being a Chelsea fan, I've always enjoyed playing as the Leeds manager and taking the club back to the PL where it belongs. I've just finished my first season and achieved promotion easily in the end: There were a few wobbles every now and then, mainly because I was constantly tweaking my tactics and first choice lineup. Here's what I settled with by the end of January: As you can see I made extensive use of the loan system and free transfers. Overall I'm pretty happy with how the season went. The positives were: -Undefeated at home and a decent GD -Snodgrass was the Championship player of the season and deservedly so; he is deadly cutting in from the right and provided plenty of assists -Three players in the team of the season; Snodgrass, Howson and O Brien. -Frimpong won 5 young player of the month awards. He also chipped in with a few goals from the DM position which is always nice Some negatives: -Despite having the second best defensive record in the league, I didn't have that many clean sheets. We conceded lots of late goals and too many goals from crosses/cutbacks which is annoying -I've never created my own 4-5-1 tactic before and I don't think I quite nailed it -Went out in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and the 2nd round of the League Cup However this is all irrelevant when it comes to my first season in the PL; I'll be changing formation and radically overhauling the squad. I might even have an entirely new first 11 =p (Butland isn't ready for the PL)
  10. Edinson Cavani: 99 goals in 58(1) appearances (no penalties)
  11. Dzeko was immense for my Leeds side: 1st season he got 47 goals in 50(2) appearances, 2nd season 47 goals in 47(1) appearances! Played as a complete forward in a 4231 formation. He was the main man and a free transfer as well =D Sold him for £27 million at the age of 29.
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