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  1. yes I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling FM and steam still no good. As I look around the forum I have tried pretty much everything, there are still so many people wit issues and many have no solution. Pretty disappointed in this SI truly terrible so many have these issues
  2. I was using Avira but since my last post I have completely uninstalled this to make sure it was not that. Even with windows defender only I am still having the same issue. This is bizzare as no changes were made to my PC and suddenly it stopped working after 458 hours of gameplay
  3. HI yes tried everything on the list. the only thing I have not done is uninstalled my anti virus as that was on her before FM2017 and FM has been running for months ok. Any ideas?
  4. Hi guys had an issue recently when I start FM17 steam starts then it gives me a window in my start bar for FM17 but I just get the blue circle and then have to restart my PC. I have tried updating graphic drivers, Direct X and Net Frame work. I have uninstalled steam and FM and reinstalled and not made any difference. I have also cleared cache and done all the other things suggested but nothing has worked. If you guys have any ideas that would be great. The game never crashed or any errors the last time I played it so I cant understand why. Thanks in advance Rob
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