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  1. You have Miranda & Cucurella, no need to buy anyone.
  2. Hi! Not sure where to put this, but I think it's the right place. I would like to see AI tactics, as I'm trying to analyze some stuff. So I've been wondering whether there are any skins out there, so I could check on what AI is doing?
  3. I'm not sure, but their main sponsor's president (Mr. Vuk) is one of the richest people in Slovenia and gives a lot of money to the club. Btw: Zlatan Muslimović and Albert Riera, who many FM players surely know, are also playing for them.
  4. NK Zavrč, Slovenian First League. Population (Zavrč): 81. Satellite image of the village (north), castle & football field (bottom): https://goo.gl/maps/dwBKQPwFoor
  5. My friend & I just started an FMC online game. We really love it and will probably try to win all the possible leagues and cups. But since it's an online game, the store is greyed out. This left me wondering: will the international management automatically unlock after one of us wins manager of the year 3 times, or is it impossible to manage national teams in FMC online mode?
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