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  1. I'm happy enough with that teaser video. For me FM is mainly about tactics, signings, and watching the match. So to see a clear improvement in the match graphics is enough for me to pre-order FM Touch.
  2. It's a bit odd that you're leaving it so late to announce new features. I mean at this point you obviously know most, if not all of the new features that are added, so why not list some of them? It's not normal practice to make a game available for pre-purchase and say absolutely nothing about the game people are going to be buying.
  3. Just realised I can buy FM Touch for just £20. That's great as that's all I ever played in FM 15 and 16. Just a shame the Steam loyalty discount doesn't apply to that version too...
  4. I promised Phil Jones I would find him a new club at the end of the season due to him wanting a chance in the first team. Lots of clubs made an offer and I accepted them all. Twice now he has "decided to stay at the club" How exactly am I supposed to fulfil my promise to let him go if he doesn't leave???
  5. I use a very similar tactic. I play as Manchester United and wanted to replicate the 4-4-2 of the wonderful team of '99 that won the treble. However I kept getting outnumbered in midfield and I leaked a lot of goals. I found that using a DM and having one forward helped improve my defense and still allowed me to score plenty of goals. The only difference to your tactic is I use Herrera as an attacking playmaker and De Gea as a sweeper keeper, otherwise it's essentially the same. I bought Candreva for right wing and Reus for left wing and I've been having tremendous success. In my experience the most important positions are the wingers and the full backs.
  6. I'd love to hear the reasoning for Wayne Rooney still having attributes of a world class forward. First touch 12? Watch some videos of United matches over the past couple seasons; his first touch is woeful. Acceleration 13 and pace 14? He consistently fails to beat the leagues slowest defenders. Strength 16? Finishing 16? Passing 15? Technique 15? Flair 16? Vision 15? Come on, sort it out. I'm fed up of selling him and the board moaning at me because the fans because it's an "aberration" to let him go. In real life the fans would be happy to see the back of him.
  7. It's still too difficult to sell players for their actual worth. I'm expected to pay £40-50m for the likes of Lukaku and Mahrez and Mane and John Stones yet when I try to sell Mata I get a pathetic offer of £23m from Arsenal (despite Rafa Benitez apparently always being interested as soon as the game starts), or when I try to sell Fellaini I get an offer of £9m from Sevilla, or when I try to sell Valencia I get an offer of £4m from Southampton.
  8. After playing a while I strongly believe the match engine was far superior in the first beta build. Not flawless, but I thought it was very well balanced and I didn't see much wrong with it. The match engine for the release is a downgrade and the issues have been raised plenty already. It's quite infuriating that SI could simply rollback to the beta ME instantly, right now, but instead we'll have to wait days/weeks for an updated ME that might get the quality back to where it was last week.
  9. Does anyone know what I would need to change in the editor to make Manchester United's season expectations "Qualify for CL" rather than the expectation being to win the league? For some reason it changed to that after the last beta update, and it's an unrealistic expectation.
  10. I generated a son and he has a bloody ginger mohican
  11. Editor downloaded, Anthony Martial upgraded, time to start a new career
  12. It;s updated to the full release but there's still no editor available in tools. It's getting a little irritating now
  13. I've just restarted Steam but the FM16 editor doesn't seem to be in the list of Tools
  14. Looking forward to getting the editor so I can sort Man United out before starting a long-term save.
  15. Why is Manchester United's minimum expectations to win the premier league? Prior to the patch it was qualify for the CL, which is what it should still be. Also Martial is still rated 2 stars. According to Ryan Giggs Martial is United's 4th best striker, behind Rooney, Depay, and Wilson. Absolute nonsense. Roll on midnight when I can use the editor