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  1. My team is dominating, I'm winning almost every match. But I still think the attacking play in this ME sucks. So many missed 1 vs 1 chances, so many ridiculous shots, so many wasted chances. Attacking wingers are pointless because all they will do is shoot at the side netting. As I type this I'm beating PSG 2-0 and I've seen Mbappe twice dribble past my defence and in to the box only to take a pointless shot from a tight angle. It takes the fun out of winning because it feels broken.
  2. The ME is a joke thanks to terrible shooting. Almost every highlight involves someone hitting the side netting because they shot from a ridiculous angle. What's the point in having a 2 week BETA if something as blindingly obvious as this isn't fixed? And how did it even get through testing prior to the beta?
  3. I echo all of this. It's by far the worst part of an otherwise very good ME. The constant highlights of players running in to the box and shooting from stupid angles instead of cutting it back to another player is ridiculous, and ruining my experience. One one ones have been rubbish in most versions of FM. There are far too many of them so to avoid unrealistic high scoring games most of them are missed.
  4. Players running in to the box with the ball and blasting it against the side netting from an impossible angle is driving me mad.
  5. The biggest issue with the ME by far is players shooting from impossible angles instead of passing
  6. Oh cool thanks. Bit of an annoying bug as it's quite an important feature for scouting players.
  7. Is the feature broken or am I doing something wrong...when on a player profile and selecting a role from the dropdown, I thought that should highlight the important attributes for that role, but it does nothing? (on FM Touch btw)
  8. Players stand still on the penalty spot when they miss a penalty and it comes back off the post, instead of trying to score from the rebound
  9. I've played nothing but FMT for years now and I would never go back to the tedious clickfest that the full game has become. Repetitive team talks and press conferences killed it for me.
  10. The only thing I've seen that seems a bit off are penalties being given way too frequently.
  11. There seems to be a lot of penalties, and most of them are missed. I've just had three in one match, and 6 in total in the last 3 matches. There's a lot of injuries, almost one every match. It feels like there's more of a noticeable difference between styles. Players now make more of an effort to work the ball in to the box instead of constantly taking long shots. Long shots are improved. In FM18 so many were blasted high and wide and were more likely to hit the corner flag than the goal. The screen stayed black and I was forced to ctrl alt del to force the game to exit after I changed to windowed mode. I like the improved ball physics. Really like the new UI. The colours are pleasant to look at for hours at a time. Overall I really like the ME. Someone commented on the alpha stating there are too many crosses. I haven't found that at all. I play a narrow system and a lot of the play is through the middle with my wing backs overlapping to provide width. There's no more crosses than you'd see in a real match. I'm going to enjoy tweaking my tactics more than ever this year, which is mostly what I care about; along with transfers (which I why I'm playing FM Touch). Good job.
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