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  1. The shooting in this game is bloody awful. Shot after shot after shot is high or wide. World class players with 15+ in finishing or long shots look like Sunday league footballers when trying to score. Also the whole "he almost got lucky with that" nonsense from crosses that almost go in is annoying. It's been a month since release, fix it already.
  2. Think this is my least favourite FM ever. May as well call it off-target manager 2017. Shot after shot off target, free-kick after free-kick blasted over, injuries galore, inconsistent performances from star players where one game they'll get a 9 and next game they'll blast every shot a mile wide and be the worst player on the pitch. Everything feels random.
  3. Most frustrating game ever

    I'm finding this years FM incredibly difficult. Even with a world class team I play like crap whatever I try. EVen using a default tactic and not messing about with instructions I suck.
  4. Shots from Distance FM17

    Yep getting tons of long shots and most of them are way off target. United players shoot as if they are a bunch of fat blokes playing Sunday league.
  5. Long shots feel broken. 95% of them are miles off target. More should at least test the 'keeper. By the way this is based off seeing Pogba miss dozens of long shots. He has one of the best long shot ratings on the game, so if he's useless at them what chance does every other player have?
  6. A staggering amount of shots are off target. Bayern just battered me for 90 minutes and ended up having 2 shots on target out of 26 shots.
  7. So far I would say the only obvious issue with the ME is that a very high percentage of shots are off target. Shot after shot is blasted high and wide.
  8. There are far more injuries in this version than last years. Whether that's too many I don't know. Also that red "stats" logo looks rubbish and is distracting. Just get rid of the black background and change the text to plain white and it'd look fine.
  9. Regarding the ME my favourite "fix" so far is now when players get in to wide areas in the box, they'll square/cross the ball instead of trying to score from ridiculous angles. That frustrated the hell out of me in FM16. But I'm finally seeing some good football moves that end in a simple tap in. Much better. Overall I think the ME is superb tbh.
  10. PSG, Spurs, Valencia, and Arsenal all made offers, which I accepted. At present only one of them could be considered a step down, and PSG can offer him plenty.
  11. I've stripped Rooney of captaincy and set him to unwanted. He's missed training 3 times now as he's unhappy and he is reportedly far from happy with being at the club. Yet every time I try to sell him for £0 he opts to stay. If he's so unhappy why doesn't he leave?
  12. I'm happy enough with that teaser video. For me FM is mainly about tactics, signings, and watching the match. So to see a clear improvement in the match graphics is enough for me to pre-order FM Touch.
  13. It's a bit odd that you're leaving it so late to announce new features. I mean at this point you obviously know most, if not all of the new features that are added, so why not list some of them? It's not normal practice to make a game available for pre-purchase and say absolutely nothing about the game people are going to be buying.
  14. Just realised I can buy FM Touch for just £20. That's great as that's all I ever played in FM 15 and 16. Just a shame the Steam loyalty discount doesn't apply to that version too...
  15. I promised Phil Jones I would find him a new club at the end of the season due to him wanting a chance in the first team. Lots of clubs made an offer and I accepted them all. Twice now he has "decided to stay at the club" How exactly am I supposed to fulfil my promise to let him go if he doesn't leave???