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  1. On 04/11/2018 at 10:29, toshj said:

    Do we know what the various Brexit permutations are? As @17Gonzo says above, there's the hard Brexit option, where EU players are subject to the typical Work Permit rules seen for non-EU players. We've also seen the £8k per week for first teamers and £3k for u23 players. Are there any others?

    My game saw no changes at all.  Everything stayed as is.

  2. I am having mixed results but think it will come good as the team get used to it. Pumped Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City with the default Sunderland squad. Got pumped off Norwich 5-1 as though :(. Sitting 3rd in the league and in the semi finals of the Carling Cup so I can't really complain (End of November), sure the more I improve the squad the more consistent the results will be.

    Good work Mr Hough

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