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  1. Downloaded a transfer update for the summer-window and ready to load up a new save to keep me busy until FM17. Decided on Saint-Etienne of two reasons. Getting them back on top. And the two Norwegians in the team.
  2. Magnus Lekven from Esbjerg to Vålerenga, contract to 31-12-2020 Gustav Valsvik from Strømsgodset to Eintracht Braunschweig, contract to 30.06.2020
  3. Here is the norwegian transfers so far this season. All these are permanent transfers: Name From TO Henrik Furubotn Bodø/Glimt Sogndal Viljar Vevatne Brann Sandnes Ulf Kristoffer Larsen Brann Lyngby Liban Abdi Unattached Haugesund Fred Friday Lillestrøm AZ Alkmaar Babacar Sarr Sogndal Molde Bjørn Bergmann Sigurdarson Wolverhampton Molde Fredrik Brustad AIK Molde Fredrik Guldbrandsen Molde Red Bull Salzburg Moi Eloyounoussi Molde Basel Dulee Johnson Molde IK Start Stefan Mladenovic Pors Odd Riku Riski Rosenborg Odd Adam Larsen Kwarasey Portland Rosenborg Mushaga Bakenga Club Brugge Rosenborg Erik Botheim Lyn Rosenborg Kjetil Berge Sarpsborg Sandefjord Magnus Pedersen OB Odense Sogndal Vegard Moberg Åsane Sogndal Marcus Nilsson Fleetwood stabæk Simen Kjellevold Førde Stabæk Nicolai Næss Stabæk Columbus Crew Jobril Bojang Lørenskog Start Adi Markovic Start Arendal Mathias Rasmussen Start Nordsjælland Kristoffer Ajer Start Celtic Suleiman Abdullahi Viking Eintracht Braunschweig Henrik Kjelsrud Johansen Odd Vålerenga Samuel Kari Fridjonsson Reading Vålerenga Deshorn Brown Vålerenga Shenzhen FC Also some managerial changes: Ronny Deila is manager of Vålerenga, Kjetil Rekdal appointed director of football. (Changes originally start from 1.1.17) Mark Dempsey resigned from Haugesund Antoni Ordinas replaced Tom Freddy Aune as Stabæk manager. Aune sacked Pål Andrè Helland and Fredrik Midtsjø new contracts with Rosenborg until 2020
  4. I wrote this article a few years back, mostly an infomercial about Bielsa: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/383441-Turning-Loco-quot-A-man-with-new-ideas-is-mad-until-he-succeeds-quot
  5. Will a young player benefit from training with the senior squad (in the context that he's training with better players) make the players CA go up, or is it only in matches that this benefits development? Thinking about letting better youngsters train with the first team and be available to youth matches.
  6. Some managerial changes in Norway: Geir Bakke is new manager in Sarpsborg Bård Wiggen is new assistant manager in Molde Mark Dempsey is new assistant manager in Haugesund Jan Jönsson new manager in Halmstad Harald Aabrekk new manager in Aalesunds Trond Fredriksen is new assistant manager in Aalesunds Kåre Ingebrigtsen is now permanent manager in Rosenborg
  7. Training is preparation for match situations, but in a tactical system. Therefore I think training should be linked up more to the tactics. If you're going to play a high pressing game, the training should improve this in attributes and tactical familiarity in the same time. I think we should get more options in the different aspects of tactics. Setting up how the team should attack, defend and transitions between those. In which the training is used to build the foundations in the tactic. This way you will see big difference in the playing style through your own football philosophy, like Stoke under Mark Hughes. Hopefully someone understand the idea and can probably put better and larger words into this, but have this idea from Mourinho's tactical periodization, and this might make you understand: http://www.slideshare.net/PedMenCoach/tactical-periodization-mourinhos-secret It's probably easier writing this, than programming it and making it work in game though.
  8. Ball retention: The high pressure levels can be done several ways: Team Instructions: 'Hassle opponents' increases (maxes out?) closing down for the entire team, but be wary that this should probably only be used if in urgent need of the ball, and is perhaps not a good starting strategy because the spaces that is created when defending. 'Stay on feet' to make sure the players don't lose out on tackles in dangerous positions, and "taking them out" of the game in five-ten seconds if tackle fails. Player Instructions: Telling just the attackers to 'close down more', and 'get further forward' to make them hassle the opposing defenders and position themselves higher to intercept the ball. Also telling the strikers to 'ease off tackles' as this is not their strongest attribute, rather keep their position in the high pressure. Opposition Instructions: Closing down specific players (defensive opponents) to maintain a high line of pressure when the ball is in the oppositions first and middle third. While no OI on the attacking opponents means the team will fall back into the defensive shape. I'm using a mix between PI and OI, telling my forwards to close down more, and set closing down on the opposition full backs, central defenders, defensive midfielders and goalkeeper. Defending: I'm looking to retrain a central/defensive midfielder to fit into the central defence as a ball-playing defender. I have Morgan Schneiderlin in my mind, as his PPM's is just what I want in this tactic. I'm using the 'More direct passing' shout as team instruction, but I've told every defending player to 'pass it shorter'. This is because of the slow build up from the back, and the tempo changing when the ball is in the final third. The 'regista's is mentioned, but instead of giving someone the role, I'm hoping that there will be enough passing options that each player is able to find good passing options from the back. Thinking the ball playing defender will act as a playmaker as well. The wing-backs although positioned in defence, will have more of an attacking role in this tactic. Always looking to get forward, overlapping the wide forwards. I have instructed the wing-backs to 'cut inside with ball' and told the wingers to 'stay wide', so hoping to see the wing backs cutting inside to exploit the pockets between the line. As this is probably the most tiresome role in the tactic, it's important to have good rotational players here. I'm looking to retrain Jack Cork as a wing-back, and probably change which side Shaw and Clyne occupy to make them cut inside to use their stronger foot. Goalie is instructed to 'distribute to defender', and will probably look for the ball-playing defender most of the times. Bielsa wants his team to Man-mark opponents, but I'm not sure how well this is implemented in the game (anyone have good/bad experiences?) I can use the 'mark specific players' in player instructions, but I feel this might take players way out of position, losing shape and position to stop any dangerous passes. I will rather look to make adjustment to the formation to make use each player is positioned opposite of the opposing formation. Attacking: Leading the line will be the target striker, the big strong man to lay off balls to the runners, with a winger on each side. I've told the left winger to 'roam from position' as I only have inside forwards on this side, but I want him to stay wide as well. I'm looking to use the 'Enganche' but there are so many different playmaking roles, so I will be looking what works and not. I've chosen enganche in the start as he will be looking for the pass, and remain in the space I'd want him to be for most of the time. I do have three players with the PPM play one-twos, which is something I will be looking to develop into my play, and will therefore be looking to train attacking players to get this trait. Training: In pre season I'm looking to bring up the stamina attribute for all players (except goalies=quickness) and general training is high fitness training. During the season I'll change to 'balanced' on low, and rather focus on individual training. I'm looking to reach a certain level of positioning/composure (defensive players) and off the ball/quickness (attacking players), before moving on to increase passing/decision.
  9. Formation: I'm looking to make three main frameworks of the formation Bielsa has favoured. These are to attempt to counter certain oppositional formations, but still maintaining the important aspects of the 'spare-man' in the back and the playmaker with three forwards. (Picture upload is broke atm?) Formations: http://imgur.com/nZSvVNT Team Instruction: http://imgur.com/r8WONfW The 4-1-1-3-1 (Figure A) is to counter the 4-1-2-2-1/4-3-3. The 4-1-(2)-3 (Figure B) is to counter the 4-2-3-1 The 3-3-1-3 (Figure C) is to counter any formation with two strikers. Depending on the opposition, the DM will be changed to a CM(d) if there are no opposite AMC. I've gone for attacking as my starting mentality, as this increases closing down, defensive line and tempo. If the tactic proves to be to attacking, I'd change to 'control' or 'standard' and use the team instructions 'higher defensive line', 'higher tempo' and 'hassle opponents'.
  10. I've found in my experiments that the best way to get the forwards to pressure the defenders is by using the OI 'Closing Down' on each of the defensive opposition, even goalie. This makes the forwards maintain high on the field, chasing the ball, while the remainders is back in position.
  11. Short passing + very high tempo will create more one-twos as presented in the opening post. Also, possibly moving the defensive midfielders forward, playing a 4-4-1-1, with midfield duo being (DLP(d)+CM(d)) or perhaps a B2B. Also changing the right winger to Winger(a), while keeping the left midfielder deeper (WM(s)) and having a SS + F9. The false nine will be combining with the midfield, while the SS bomb forward into the channels.
  12. You can get Steve Clarke as assistant manager if you're playing with a higher reputation team! Got him back to Chelsea on one test save.
  13. Not possible, because the opposition change from game to game Only viable option is if you want the same player to maintain pressuring the opposite player by using a role and player instructions which solves your problem.
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