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  1. Pires and Boyer both look like immense signings. A fantastic start to the season, just carrying on where you left off, hopefully you can maintain it. Whilst its a tough start in the champions League you have some winnable games there, if you can get some unexpected points somewhere top 8 could happen
  2. Congratulations on the double! Fantastic performance in the final and a nice comfortable buffer in the league shows you are clearly the best team in Scotland now. Looking forward to seeing how these intake players develop... Hats off to the new HOYD
  3. That League Cup final must've been painful, gutted for you! Fantastic form in the Prem, win your games in hand and that's a nice little gap. Top work qualifying for the playoff in the CL. Tierney speaks for himself as a signing but I also like the Kaio Jorge signing. Whilst he hasn't quite lived up to the billing of the wonderkid he was on previous FMs he still looks very good for the SPL.
  4. Some fantastic business as always, I think Moreno is a signing that goes under the radar a little bit but on a free its such good value! The new HOYD has big shoes to fill
  5. What an update! My thoughts on your progress... Europe - Whilst its a shame you couldn't upset United, you ran them very good close, great effort. Scottish Cup Final - Just WOW! To get an equaliser so late must've been epic but regardless of that, you need to tell us what you said before extra time? where did that come from haha incredible. SPL - Congratulations, I knew it was coming, what an effort to finally get there but massive credit for doing so by such a margin. One other comment, what a signing Montalto has been, hopefully you can keep hold of him and none of the big boys come sniffing. Looking forward to future updates, Champions League winners next right?
  6. I've just spent some time reading through your last few posts and I've got to say I've absolutely loved them. Yes they are long but they need to be in order to get your thought process across which I believe you have done brilliantly. The board must feel fully justified in having given you that money by looking at how you've spent it, fantastic business all round but I'm going to call out a few who stood out to me. Firstly Granhus, his physicals are exceptional, he will make a cracking left wing back. Peiffer looks superb, I really hope you're going to train him to dictate tempo? He was made for it. Pajoy was my favourite signing, he just screams goals and finally Murillo on a free? Brilliant. The tactical change has been completely backed up by those results, I don't mean to jynx it put you almost have one hand on the title with those games in hand! And lets not forget that Liverpool result, result of the save so far?
  7. Hopefully Celtic maintain there new found habit of losing league games! The partnership with Sapporo could be great, should really increase your social media followers and help generate revenue. Hopefully they produce some nice newgens to! New ground looks fantastic
  8. Congratulations on the title, hopefully the Champions League follows soon after...
  9. Congratulations, excited to see who the next team are...
  10. Some really exciting prospects there, just added John Goodman to my staff shortlist....
  11. The Hamilton partnership could be fantastic for you, great working getting that agreed. That win in Florence was brilliant, its given you a chance of a playoff spot which is all you could hope for really with the horrible set of fixtures you were given. It's an incredibly tough task to get anything against Atletico or Arsenal but throughout this save you've pulled off so many upsets, so why not one more?
  12. Biding your time for the right move rather than jumping from Venda straight away is proving to be a fantastic decision, looks like the titles coming your way!
  13. Smashed America this time around, hopefully tick the USA Cup of quickly, interested to see where you head next
  14. Super tough draw in Europe but if anyone can pull off an upset its you! Fantastic win over Celtic, keep going and they will bottle it!
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