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  1. Hi @anagain. I did not want to sound aggressive, but I am demanding. Not demanding for a solution in the weekend of course. I understand that there is a 99% chance that no solution will be offered, but I firmly believe it is wrong. It is such a simple task, and the only thing that can be holding them back -losing income from sales- does not apply anymore for a 15 year old seasonal game. I would like also for a solution to be offered for us owners to access the FM08 steam version since it is there, but I also do not see that one coming. The reason why I demand an answer is exac
  2. While I get that this is a bummer, it is a different issue. MacOS dropping the compatibility of 32bit apps is something you cannot expect a dev to amend. They have to code new executables. With Windows the only problem is the Safedisc/Securom DRM which driver is a security breach and has been removed. Not an incopatible app altogether. And even if I'm going the route of installin an older version of windows etc, the official patches of these games should be somewhere for us to download.
  3. How you download what? And I'm not going to drop it, I expect a SI answer eventually. You see older games rereleased. This is not the case here due to licensing. You see older games having problems because the developer ceased to exist. Also not the case thankfully. You see older games left alone due to developer/publisher practices. I think that SI can afford to spend 5 minutes of their working time to remove the DRM from 4 games released 12 to 15 years ago. As a courtesy to those who support you since day one if you like.
  4. I own all FM titles since the conversion to Football manager in 2005, up to 2020. Lately I wanted to revisit some of the older titles. It is outrageous that I have to resort to shady practices to have FM07 and FM08 running on my Win10 pc, just because of the DRM. And just for education purposes, FM08 IS AVAILABLE ON STEAM PLATFORM. It has an appID, it is available to SI employees etc. https://steamdb.info/app/10480/subs/ It is even more outrageous that I'm out of luck for FM 05 and 06 even with the shady practices, as the latest patches were never bypassed. I unde
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