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  1. [Sheffield Wednesday] (Official) Data Issues

    I have checked my notes and the reports of when each player got injured. Tom Lees got injured during the second weekend, Semedo was injured during the EFL Cup game. I will look at getting these injuries updated so that they dont start injured - i may have entered incorrect dates in the database here. All of the other injuries are correct through - they were all injured during pre-season. Rob, do you think some of the others are wrong?
  2. [Sheffield Wednesday] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi Rob. We try to match them, so that if they were injured at some point in pre-season then they are injured in game. Having said this i am double checking my notes and details on who was injured when to check if all of them are correct. Thanks for posting. Shandiar
  3. FM Going Lower Than the BSN/BSS?

    BSN/BSS is "Step 2" of the English football non league system. Taking Fm down to Step 3 would constitute another 3 leagues: Ryman Premier League (Isthmanian), British Gas Business Premier League (Southern) and Unibond Premier League (Northern). This is another 66 teams, some of which have FM researchers but mostly that don't. Following on from si BHA's point, the research would then need to go as far as Step 4. This is a further 6 leagues (Ryman/BGB/Unibond sponsored leagues - 2 from North/South/Isthmanian) which is due next season to include 136 teams. Most of whom will have an average gate struggling to break 3 fugures. Finding researchers for these teams would be problematic at best. I must admit, as a researcher of one of the teams at Step 3 i would love FM to allow management at that next level down, but realistically its not worth the effort required and i'll have to hope that my team simply get promoted to the BSN for my work to be important to the game instead! If anyone is interested in the English non-league to this level then this is an excellent site (with which i have no allegance other than i use it to help my research): http://www.tonykempster.co.uk/ Hope people find this post useful Shandiar
  4. best team to start with.....

    I'd say go withD Dafuge's challenge for LLM. Alternatively, Sheff Weds are a good Championship side for a challenge - small squad and small transfer budget, but with history that means they expect better...
  5. Anger Issues

    I've got a new baby and my wife has already commented that when she's a little older i'm gonna have to keep the door of my study shut when i play because of the rather "blue" language that i frequently yell at my defenders as they pass to the opposition striker or my striker when he misses a sitter. I regularly have to go and get a drink to calm myself down following late winners from the AI...
  6. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    I enjoy this challenge, i just get left behind by everyone else as i can't devote lots of time to FM and it takes me weeks to complete a season. A brief update on my first season in charge of Worksop Town. (Am at work so can't provide screenshots just now). I was denied feeder clubs and parent clubs by the board so ended up bringing 19 players in on free deals. I was also only allowed one coach and an AssMan so am working with no GK coach or Fitness coach. Thankfully i have pursuaded most players to take FT deals though. We are now into November and my league form is average, partly due to constant injuries in three of my five strikers at any one time. i'm placed in 16th position W4 D4 L4. i can't seem to put a couple of wins together that would lift me into the playoffs. My players are starting to gel now and i can see a couple of them developing nicely, though my defenders have as much pace as a snail on a downer. Also, my free kick takers keep shooting, even though they are not very good at free kicks (best of a bad lot) or long shots. I have set my free kicks to best head and cross centre but they keep shooting and its annoying. Anyone know how i can stop them shooting? On brighter news, the club has been taken over without me getting fired. They cleared the debt with an injection of 10K, and my FA Cup run is now into a First Round proper replay at home to Matlock Town. This has boosted my bank balance nicely, though i still have no money for transfers and noone of value in my team. i'm hoping to scrape through to the FA cup 3rd round and a lucrative home tie against a premiership opposition, and a top half finish to build on for next year. i may see if the new board will find me a parent club too. Thats me for now. Shandi
  7. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Worksop Town, you are about to hit the bigtime... http://i452.photobucket.com/albums/qq249/Shandiar_2008/Careerstart.jpg
  8. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Scab, you are a legend. thank you very much. thought i was gonna have to settle for Bedford town...
  9. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    i'm struggling to get worksop so i think you'll be lucky to get the lowest rep team
  10. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Shame cos i'm the researcher so i wanted to use my good work. they've a good chance of actual promotion this year too. Who decides on what reputation the clubs are in the game? I'll try a few more reloads for Worksop...
  11. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Anyone get Corby Town or Worksop in a reload? Wanna know if i'm wasting my time holding out for them.
  12. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Pish. was hoping 2 hours would be long enough for holiday man but its only just gone February. Damn large database...