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  1. FM will never see the gains benchmarking software does. That stuff's optimised to the point where the assembly's perfect. And because the calculations are so complex & intensive, the extra registers make a much more noticeable difference than they would in FM. I'm sure the guys & gals at SI would have done tests on the performance benefits and they're far outweighed by the cost. I'll go as far to say as your average game won't see a "Continue" processing time decrease by more than a half a second.
  2. I love the way this forum seems to think 64-bit is the be all and end all for FM and performance will miraculously increase. Most data types in FM don't need to be more than 32 bits.
  3. A HD3000 is absolutely fine for 3D FM. Don't know what the other guy's on about.
  4. Processing speed. SSD & FM performance is pretty much a placebo effect. Whilst processing on full-detail, my FM.exe only read an average of 68Bytes/sec and a mode response time of 3ms (average 5ms). You are not going to notice that. Most of the data is in RAM, hence the low disk overhead.
  5. Come to think of it, wouldn't it just use the on-die GPU ergo HD 4000?. So I'd say it's 100% FM will work on the Surface Pro.
  6. Just a note, those machines that Amazon seller is offering don't come with Windows, so that's something else to factor into price along with keyboard, mouse & display cables.
  7. Windows RT: No. As above said, it's an ARM processor which is what's in your current tablets & smartphones. The Windows 8 on RT devices can't run desktop applications. Windows Pro: Theoretically yes, graphics processor support dependant (though it should be fine). Not enough details have been release yet to know for sure.
  8. Sounds like they weren't really educated on the subject and duly messed things up. No doubt the BCLK was over-clocked. In the OPs case they've got on-line communities to feed off. Even a simple change of multiplier, no base clock or voltage tweaks, makes a big but safe difference. As for the anecdote, why didn't you just change the default install paths in the registry to the WD drive, and set Music/Video library locations to directories also on the WD? It's what I've done on my main rig. I think it was pretty obvious they were only gonna mess things up; why tempt fate! Do you have a link to that thread?
  9. It may not be something the OP's interested in, but that's possibly down to not knowing anything/much about it. It's key to offering, in your own words, the "best bang for buck". On Sandy/IvyBridge systems it really is a click of a button, so it's no something for non-enthusiasts to be scared of. I built a machine at the beginning of the year that could out-perform the OPs posted spec for only £600. Everybody likes to save money and I'm sure the OP appreciates the tip. Wait, which one is it? Have you seriously just bought it for FM or not?
  10. The problems with the 2600 & 3770 are that both of them have locked multipliers. You really want the K editions to get value for money. I seriously doubt FM can take advantage of 8 threads so a i5-2500K is more than sufficient. That's about a £100 less for a potentially better CPU; which is the most important component for FM.
  11. It's certainly good enough but it's overpriced. You can source a near identical build for under £700 from elsewhere. If you're buying it just for FM and don't play other games, then that machine is overkill and not worth the investment. But if you're an A-title gamer, then the GT 545 is a bottleneck.
  12. This thread is just hilarious. I'm guessing no one actually read the SSA? Just to amuse myself further, I'm going to reply to some. It's the same as pretty much every service; don't agree with the T&Cs = no service. And it does state on the retail case "product offered subject to Steam Subscriber Agreement. You must activate this product... and accept the SSA. If you do not agree... return this game unopened to your retailer". As a software developer, this is true. You don't own the game, the game is Sport Interactive's/SEGAs intellectual property. You don't own the code. You don't own the copyrighted material licensed to this game. Same with other software & multimedia. Somewhat similar too to items, such as cards, that state "This property belongs to Company X", even though you posses it. You're entitled to a refund of £0 as Steam had nothing to do with the transaction. The license to the game was bought from SI/SEGA, not Valve. There are other ways, you're right. But they're all worse. Either having the disc present in the drive (what happens when your disc becomes corrupted?) or having to be connected to the internet all the time (if you're connection drops, the games force closes). No names. UbiSoft. Tell me a better alternative to the Steam/Origin way? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ But the best thing about Steam is the ability to push patches out. Why should the developers have to put up with hundreds more bug threads because not everyone's up-to-date. And hopefully sometime in the future we'll be able to take advantage of Steam and make network games easier.
  13. Original Tactic (CHAN): Pld:38 Won: 23 Drn: 5 Lst: 10 Fr: 69 Ag: 40 Pos: 3rd Top League Goalscorers: Torres 27, Gerrard 17, Cole 7 Tweaked Tactic (MOSICLOVER): Pld:38 Won: 23 Drn: 10 Lst: 5 Fr: 75 Ag: 29 Pos: 3rd Top League Goalscorers: Torres 20, Gerrard 16, Cole 9 Conclusion The tweaked tactic seemed to turn half of those losses into draws, but they were still against teams that Liverpool should be beating. The tweaked tactic brought a greater share of goals, but Torres was much better in the original tactic with 47 goal in all competitions. Defensively the team was much stronger. The tweaked tactic is slightly better than the original in my opinion. Injuries prevented the tweaked statistics from being greater.
  14. I'm using your tweaked version at the moment with Liverpool. 24 goals in pre-season, conceded 1; although pre-season counts for nothing. Won 10-1 on aggregate in the Europa League qualifiers. Just beat Aston Villa 5-1 at home, despite going down to 10 men whilst only 2-1 up (conceded first). Will let you know when I've played around 10 more games.
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