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  1. Just fired up the game for the first time since Friday and suddenly a bunch of my player names have changed. My assman Darren Fletcher is now Neil Fletcher. Player name change examples (all regens): Jean-Jacques Niangbo is now Richard Niangbo. Fabio Augusto is now Davidson. Gavin Conway is now Owen Conway. So on and so forth. Anyone else experience this?
  2. On the opposite end of the spectrum, injuries remain normal for me and I haven't lost a game since the patch. When things go against you, it is not always SI's fault believe it or not.
  3. I hear all the folks saying injuries are not an issue. All I know is that nearing the end of pre-season, 9 of the 21 players in my squad are out injured. Been playing since CM 3, so hardly a newbie at this.
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