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  1. Go to player contract pages, there is a slider on each player's contract page where you can buy down their cap impact.
  2. If you find a player 23 years old or younger that you want, you can sign that player to a DP contract (aka a Young DP) contract without buying that extra DP spot. Young DP's don't require a purchased DP slot.
  3. Just curious, if you go to Finance, then League Specific, how much cap space does it say you have there?
  4. More so than the penalty conversion rate - I missed one yesterday, only about the 3rd or 4th I've missed in 8 seasons - is the number of penalties since the patch. I've played nearly a fully season since the patch and I cannot remember the last time I had a game without a penalty being called. It's become very noticeable.
  5. Since the patch? I rarely saw a penalty missed well before the patch.
  6. On the opposite end of the spectrum, injuries remain normal for me and I haven't lost a game since the patch. When things go against you, it is not always SI's fault believe it or not.
  7. You can qualify either way. Same as US teams - qualify through US Open Cup or through the league.
  8. My advice? You're the manager, don't worry about the club finances, that is the job of the Board. They give you a wage budget and maybe some transfer budget, then use it.
  9. MLS rules are complex, to say the least. In any case, I'm guessing it is the transfer fee as Max noted. The "salary cap" is kind of a misnomer, it is really a budget cap on all player spending including transfer fees. A real life example I always mention is Alex Lopez of the Houston Dynamo. His salary is only $110k, however transfer fee was $1 million which pushed the cap hit above the DP threshold, consequently he occupies a DP spot on the roster as a young DP. In real life you could use allocation money to buy down the cap hit below the DP level (New York Red Bulls have done this with Sacha Klejstan; he won't be a DP in 2015 because they bought down his cap hit). That ability is not implemented in FM yet, though. If not a transfer fee issue, look at your actual salary budget versus your spending on your finances page. Because of the high cost of a couple of my DPs, my board won't let me sign anybody. I'm under the MLS cap but over my team's budget.
  10. Presumably it gets offered to you in between seasons at some point. I've had 2 DP's plus a young DP each season, though, so have not been in a position to find out as of yet.
  11. No, DP slots are not tradeable. With good reason, MLS roster rules are generally misunderstood (they aren't exactly transparent) but where it comes to how many slots you can have or whether they are tradeable or not, it is pretty clear. Teams are allowed 2 DP slots. They can buy a 3rd. However, teams are allowed to use a 3rd DP spot on a young player (young DP) without having to buy a 3rd. This is what is happening with the OP. From the MLS roster rules: Each club has two Designated Player slots and clubs are allowed to “purchase” a third Designated Player slot for a one-time fee of $150,000 that will be dispersed in the form of allocation money to all clubs that do not have three Designated Players. Clubs will not have to buy the third DP roster slot to accommodate Designated Players 23 years old and younger. Designated Player slots are not tradable.
  12. Had a player who was away with the USA U-20s for most of the first part of the season and unavailable for selection. He complained about lack of playing time (while he was away on national team duty, no less).
  13. It is not a difficult concept to understand. This is a company with one product, not a company that derives revenue from multiple products. If they skipped to releasing every other year, then they would either: a) have to reduce staff, b) diversify into other games. Either way, the impact is not the one you are hoping for. Lower resources or resources that are focused on other products does not translate into more time focused on FM and more/smoother developments between versions.
  14. I hear all the folks saying injuries are not an issue. All I know is that nearing the end of pre-season, 9 of the 21 players in my squad are out injured. Been playing since CM 3, so hardly a newbie at this.
  15. Just finished catching up on your thread, Jason. Great read. Hope things go well next season.