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  1. hi knap what tackle would you recommond for nottingham forest . they have a lot of attacking midfielders and wingers
  2. hi i have a good aml and want to turn him into a winger . As i play with wingers .He only has awkard for winger . if i train him into a winger , will he ever be better than awkard .
  3. HI Knap , being old i am having trouble finding 3 of these tactic , could you please give me a link to the tactics . i have found the two that are on this page . i just need the other 3 . thank you
  4. hi knap what tactic would you recommend for notts forest
  5. i reset all the preferences to default and removed the face packs .it works perfectly now . question what has the update done , to stop the face packs working , removing seems to be the answer to a lot of the problems with the new update . what has happened to the patch that stops facep acks from working , it was fine before
  6. I have , but no one is . leaving any comments on how to fix it
  7. I have the same problem . I seems its a big issue as its being talked about quite a lot on the web . the patch have made the game unplayable . I can even finish a match . oh well back to fm17
  8. since the update , I can not finish a match . it keeps freezing saying waiting for a hi light . reload the game 4 times now still no luck . tried to play 1 match and it froze left it to see it woud fix it self but after fours no luck . great patch
  9. yes i have had no sending off , just beat psg 4 -1 away in the champions league semi final first leg after beating arsenal 11-5 in the quater finals
  10. HI FRANKY i have carried on using this tactic with forest and have won the premiership in my second season by one point . now on my third season and with this tactic and my team is on fire at this moment scoring on average of 4 goals a match . the only changes i make are when a play gets booked i remove hard tackling from the players instructions but not put them on ease off tackles and i never use short passes always use mix once again a great tactic
  11. how is the v2tactic going with the changes . i had won the euro cup and fa cup with forest . i came second in the league and lost in the league cup . the problem i have with the tactic is the away team always seem to score with a pass across the box and the foward just taps it in at the far post . the wing backs just seem to disappear
  12. i have played this tactic for half a season with forest in the premier league and so far i am fifth . my midfield seem to be scoring more goals than the fowards , have you tried changing the foward to complete foward rather than dlf or does this ruin the tactic
  13. can you use touch saved tactics for the normal fm 17 . as i am struggling this year and would like to see how this tactic works
  14. i have used tactic 1 with arsenal and have had very mixed results using v1. i seem to destory all the big teams a, but lose ( away from home ) or draw ( at home) with the teams you should always beat. What tactic would you use
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