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  1. i think, communication skill is important for distribute to defenders. And yes, keepers are idiots like defenders,fullbacks or strikers
  2. 1) determination must be higher than 13 2) agility must be higher than 13 3) must have a goold personality for older players. consistency, professionalism and low injury stats are important.
  3. ok,i dont get it, whats the difference between them.. looks like the same instructions Much Higher Defensive Line: Instructs your players to adopt a much higher position on the pitch, closer to the halfway line, in a bid to compress the space in which the opposition can play whilst remaining close to their midfield team-mates. Push Higher Up: Instructs your players to play higher up the pitch, starting with the line the defence holds, which should be close to the halfway line if this option is chosen.
  4. thanks for your answer ok; i tried your liverpool possesion based 4-1-4-1 tactic (standard/fluid) with liverpool against man utd. wingers and wingbacks are very efficent (it has never been previously), and it was a very enjoyable match. but i felt it was a big gap between the midfielders and needed an AMC.. cause of this,i want to transform this tactic to a kind of 4-4-1-1 tactic for use of an AMC without a DMC with your mentality ladder (i've seen examples made by others on the previous pages)... but the use of an AMC, I think it will lose the depth of attack. i will use the high defensive line for fill the gap between midfield and defence without a DMC... ....and the situation is becoming increasingly complicated
  5. most enjoying, informative theoretical thread i've read since rule of six days amazing... just a quick question: PART III. SOLID FOUNDATIONS: FLUID MENTALITY STRUCTURES -------------------------------------STANDARD------------------------------------- ML/R: Shuttle Ball AML/R: Advanced Playmaker (All Duties): Shuttle Ball in this case, is there a difference between this two type of player except positions on the pitch?
  6. does kelly playing in the national team?
  7. I never played fm13 with latest patch. Is it realy good and more realistic than fm12 ?
  8. FM10 best, FM12 most enjoyable version. i like the FM08,too. FM14 is the hardest and worst version, i think. i cant do anything i want on FM14, is driving me crazy
  9. are u sure? i think they conceded 10 goals from their right side and 6 from left. or, am i wrong? it's confused!
  10. hi guys; i think, forward runs (or runs from deep) one of the most important setting in this game. and this setting is the key to my tactic in this game before fm14. in this version, after non-slide tactic screen, how can i set up this forward runs. i want to drop my players forward runs but i dont find a way for this. thanks for the help.
  11. he's still unemployed on mine, it's end of the 3rd season.
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