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  1. Logically speaking if you play a 3-1-4-2 with two wingers on support wide, is it a must to play a wider game on team instructions to avoid being stretched by the oppositions game? would playing wide also extend your 3 center backs so the two wider ones would pull into full back positions when you have the ball?
  2. Anyone have the problem where they cant add a manager to start the game as the NEXT - APPEARANCE button is unclickable? ?
  3. What about the match stats and analysis expansion which has been added to main game?
  4. Could anyone list which aspects of the main game is not included in Touch this year? And any new additions compared to last year?
  5. Cant seem to even start a game as during add a manager, the button next appearance is dimmed so I can never add a manager. Anyone faced this? This is in the full version game not the Touch version. Speaking of Touch, does anyone has a proper review of it to see whats in it and whats not vs the full game?
  6. Im just wondering if match stats are condensed in FMC? I cant find runs past opponents anymore. Also I cant find the analysis tab to see where each player has made his passes/runs and general heat map. This is the first time Im playing FMC so are these things missing off the game?
  7. Dont you feel you are not getting Yaya involved in the offensive phase too much this way?
  8. Do you play slow-paced possession football through the middle with that formation?
  9. Was there any changes to the match engine in 14.2.1? I didnt think so but suddenly I just cant score goals for anything.
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