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  1. Just a quick question, been playing for a while now, does liverpool ever get taken over? won the league twice in the last two seasons but cant seem to make any money, the boards say that they dont have enough funding
  2. I've just started a game with Liverpool and currently 5th in the league coming to the end of January, not going to badly leading Southampton 3-1 in the league cup semi finals, just trying to offload borini and lucas. I bought Tielmans and Romero first transfer window so don't use lucas, getting some good performances from sterling and coutinho, but now got a nightmare run of fixtures which can define my season, Southampton Away, Arsenal Away, Man Utd at home and Chelsea at home, not good with players being injured and balotelli not really contributing.
  3. Just started my first season in charge, at moment doing ok 7 wins out of 7, although can't get Carroll to score for toffee. SUarez got injured but still my top scorer with 5 although alarmingly Carragher is second highest score with 4. was thinking who to sign in January having signed damiao on transfer deadline day
  4. I've just got this not played football manager since 2008, think i'm doing ok had two games and won both against stoke and wolves, was particular pleased with the 5-1 victory against wolves especially with Charlie Adam getting all 5 assists and with Lucas and Skrtel both scoring 2 was a nice result. Finding it hard to find players to sign with the small transfer budget though
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