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  1. Managing spurs is easy....right??

    does that always work. In fm08 he still wanted to stay there. Ain't tried it on 09
  2. Problem with FM09 Demo

    it still doesn't work:Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/FM/FM Demo.exe same problem I had before I don't see the problem mine has on the thread with the solution to problems
  3. Problem with FM09 Demo

    Deleted the local contents then there was no proof of it on the computer- that's what I mean
  4. My demo of FM 09 was working well until yesterday, and ever since whenever I launch the game (downloaded via STEAM) it comes up with the ERROR message. When it asks you whether to Send Error Report or not. I even deleted then downloaded the game again and there were the same errors. Please help and tell me what to do to get my demo back working again..