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  1. As someone with an incredibly old/slow laptop, I’m very excited for this. Albeit somewhat disappointed that it’s not the full version; particularly since it was last year on the stadia, so why not just do that for the Xbox? Anyway, I’ll try and make the best of it. Does anyone know yet exactly what has been cut from the main game? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I was looking in the wrong tab. As goranm helpfully pointed out, what I was looking for was under nationalities. Currently he's awaiting paperwork.
  3. Hello all, I was under the impression that players only needed to play in Spain to stop being non Eu. Is that not the case? Because I'm Real Madrid, and I've had a Brazilian wonderkid newgen for over two years now, I've kept him registered in my squad the whole time, but he's still non Eu. Do I need to be doing something? The weird thing is, when I look under information, I think it is, and then eligibility, it's like he's never spent a day in Spain - there's nothing even under him working his way towards eligibility. But then when I look at one of my other Brazilian wonderkid newgens, w
  4. Just found this - and wow. Seriously. This looks amazing. So much nostalgia. Excellent work, truly. Just one thing: I tried to load the database in the editor, and nothing happened? Do I just need to be patient? Also, I can't see any mention of updated finances, but I just had a quick look and Man City looked to be pre-takeover in terms of riches? Cheers.
  5. Ah, okay. Thanks. I don't have the in game editor. Ah well.
  6. I'm in 2030 and I'm curious which real players are still around. Is there a way to check this? Thanks.
  7. Cheers. Though to be honest that seems a way off right now. Championship is proving something of a step up.
  8. I'm managing Kidderminster Harriers. From Vanarama North to League 1 took 4 years, but then I got stuck in League 1 for another 3. It was a bit of a slog. 46 games plus that ridiculous cup... Finally gone up to Championship, but my ground is only 6000 and Prem requires 12000. Anyone know what happens if I do ever manage to get promotion? I'm broke, and board refuse to build a new stadium.
  9. This is really kind of you to do this. I'll have a look and try some out. Thanks again.
  10. Can anyone help please, I'm getting so annoyed with the amount of set pieces, particularly corners, I am conceeding. I'm 2nd in league but bottom in terms of goals conceded via corners, and I keep drawing games I dominate because of it. IThanks.
  11. Initially I quite liked the beta, only to change it back once I realised how tedious the match engine was. How I wish I could do that now. Give me balls over the top and bad finishing over this borefest every time. Nothing seems to happen, and when occasionally it does it's either a screamer from a guy with 6 long shots or a set piece. I'd give anything to go back to the original release, not because it was great, but because as things stand it's so dull. Surely that build still exists? Could we not be given the option?
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I did think of Palermo but when I tried to load Italy it only went down to Serie C? I'll check out Auxerre, cheers.
  13. Wondering if anyone could help: I'd like the satisfaction of taking a lower league team to the top, but, seeing as how I'm not very good at this game, without a ridiculously hard challenge. Basically I'm looking for a team much bigger than their situation, if that makes sense, or at least the best team in their current division. Ideally in one of the big five nations, with English a last resort because my last save was there. I was vaguely considering 1860 Munich, but I have no idea if they are suitable. Anyway, yes, any input would be appreciated, thanks.
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