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  1. On another note, if it was near enough impossible to get promoted and happened very rarely - ok that does reflect real life - then people would start to moan that the game is too difficult. Hard one for SI.........
  2. Its funny, I play football manager a lot, and really enjoy it, and have never really thought about it like this - but he is right on the money... There really are some glaring holes. Definitely right about the quick striker comment aswell.....
  3. Kenco - what is the corner exploit? Apologies if I sound like an idiot and this is something very simple. In terms of tactics, I use a 4-1-2-2-1 with 2 central midfielders and 2 wide wingers - Paddy Madden is the 1 up front in the centre. They are petty standard tactics as far as I am aware and I haven't tinkered with them an awful lot. I was starting to think it was a bug with this one player though, as I can happily switch any other striker into that same position where he gets so many goals, and the replacement striker might get 1 goal in every 5 games. The difference is definitely the player, as it doesn't happen with any other player. I will post some screenshots when I get the chance, I would actually be curious whether there is an actual weird bug with this one player? I cant explain it in any other way - when I can post his attributes, it is clear how terrible he is.
  4. OK, so a quick summary of my current progress on my friend and I's network game: 1st Season Started as Sunderland - Sacked by December 31st Got the Leeds job around March - Ended up finishing around 16th 2nd Season Did a terrible job with Leeds - Sacked by November Got the Carlisle job around December This is where it gets interesting..... I took over Carlisle in around 20th with half a season to play. No transfer budget, no wage budget. Could literally sign nobody, not even on loan. With an already terrible team, I had to utilise some of my reserves. I tinkered with a few formations and found one that I thought I liked. After a terrible start (AGAIN!) I decided to give some youngsters a chance to shine as no other of my strikers could score. I started to play a young man called Paddy Madden. If you care to look at him on your games, he has got awful stats. Best stats are that he is relatively quick and really determined. Around 10 finishing. To cut a long story short, by the end of the season, Paddy Madden had played around 25 games, and scored 35 goals. He ended up being top scorer in the league after only half a season of playing. I thought this was a complete fluke but thought I would just carry on and hope he somehow does the same again at the start of the next season. Ended up finishing just outside the playoffs. Season 3 Ignoring the performance of the team (current sat top of the league and in 4th round of FA cup) I just want to ask about this Paddy Madden character. He has played 27 games, and wait for it, has scored 52 goals. He currently has 44 goals in the league and we are only in January. I have literally never seen anything like it, and I just dont understand how he has done it as his stats are terrible. Has anyone ever experienced a scoring record like this before from somebody so terrible? People talk about hidden stats, but I have no idea how to find these hidden stats! But surely he cant be that good anyway! Can he????
  5. Cheers guys. There was another one of my younger players who Real Madrid came in for and offered to loan him for the season and pay me £500k. He isnt in their first team at all, he plays in their youth team now for the season, scores the odd goal and what have you. Just thought surely at Real Madrid the coaches and whatever else are going to be loads better so surely he will progress a bit quicker.
  6. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with youth players who weren't good enough at all to get in the first team but who we all know are definitely going to be good in the future. I am Norwich in the prem and have Lukaku and Tafer up front. I have G.Rossi and a good regen as back up. I recently bought a regen who has decent stats in finishing, pace, composure, first touch (all around 15 ish). Thing is, he is never going to get into my first team, and everytime I thought oh I will give him a run against a not so good team, he gets a goal every like 8 games and doesnt play particularly well. He is only 17 and will definitely be good because my scouts and coaches all rate him massively, its just what is the quickest way to get him good? Am i better off sending him to a feeder team in the Championship or am I better off just letting him sit in my reserves for a few years using my training and coaches? He isnt good enough to get in my first team so that isnt really an option to give him games because he is just ineffective. Cheers Paul
  7. I realise many a person probably asks this and believe me I wouldnt be asking if I wasnt completely lost. I understand how and where to put all of the picture packs and logo packs and so on, the thing is I have no idea where to find good ones to get. If someone could just spend 2 minutes answering a couple of questions I would be massively grateful. I am guessing that all of the already made facepacks (cut-outs) will be able to be used on FM2010 when it comes out as all of the same players will still exist? Will new kit and logo packs be released after the 30th October by people or are there ones already in existence which are good and will be able to be used for all the new kits and logos etc for fm10? If you know a good one please can you send me in the right direction? Is there anything people would reccommend getting for the new game which just makes it better.. things like the picture packs? Thanks a lot for everyones time