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  1. Tried this a few years ago. Managed Leeds in Div 1 and Morecambe in Div 2. Was amazed when they drew each other in the League Cup in the second season. Decided to put both identities on holiday and leave the match to the assistants. Morecambe won. Leeds sacked me. Never going to try that again.
  2. 55 years old. Decided I could do better than any Leeds manager in real life. Will keep going until the real Leeds win the Champions League. Means I'll have to live until I'm 169 at least. Anyone know if there are pills I could take?
  3. Eggchaser

    FMHi2011 / the Japan disaster

    Terrific gesture guys. My thoughts are with the Japanese. It's impossible to imagine what they are going through.
  4. Eggchaser

    your age for playing FM

    Er.....52. playing for 5 years and loving it