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  1. Hi guys, i've just finished my 1st season in charge, finished 3rd in the league and lost to Arsenal in the final of the F.A cup. I'll post some screenshots later, just a quick question, would you guys accept an offer of 35 million up front for James Mccarthy, plus 10 million of 12 months, 13 million after 50 appearances, 13 million after 10 international appearances and 40% sell on fee? I think its too good to turn down, even though he had an excellent season.
  2. Just another quick update, the club has now been taken over by an American Businessman, not had this happen to me before, so hopefully it will only benefit me for the future. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Just a quick update on my second season in charge, just as you did Slakey i went for Moussa Sow, i was hoping he would give me goals however he has been struggling from day one and im unsure what to do with him. I am also struggling to get the best out of Tadic which is very frustrating however the new signing Pereyra has been outstanding so far! I am moving steadily along in the league, as the players are still trying to come to terms with having Champions League football midweek which is proving to be difficult, however our showing so far against two top teams in Barcelona and Inter has been phenomenal. Will update again towards the end of the season.
  4. Just thought id update you on how my first season went. It was overall a very successful season, we finished 4th gaining a champions league spot, whilst also winning the capital one cup! After struggling to find form early on, we went on many strong runs throughout the season which enabled a great final positioning in the table. In attack we were pretty lethal with Depay scoring 17, Long contributing with 15 and Lima with 13 which was great to have goals from a variety of players. I will update on summer transfers once im there.
  5. Does anybody here use training schedules? A few of my players are declining pretty severely so just wondering?
  6. Im coming up to January, sitting in 8th at the minute, recently found consistancy thanks to following your suggestions of tactics Slakey, just a quick question, is Giovinco worth signing for a free? Hes wanting 70k per week which is the only problem?
  7. Just a quick question really, i've started a S'oton save and im really struggling to find consistancy within the team, I can't decide on a formation which I feel works with the players we have. What formations are you guys working with? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. This tactic has been a huge success for me with my Newcastle team, i will post results up later, I am unbeaten in 14 in all comps, sitting 3rd in the league.
  9. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Neymar Your Team: Man City Buyer/Seller: Santos Player's Value: £10.5m Offer: £47.5m Transfer/Wage Budget: £90m Patch: Latest Season: Start of 2nd season Is this worth it? need a good young striker who will score goals but is also worht the money. thanks
  10. Still had no luck in getting these backgrounds to work without it clashing with the white writing, ive looked in the skins folder but there is nothing to replace in the overlay folder 80? Confused, can i have some help please. thanks.
  11. Does this in game editor enable you to transfer a player at any time?
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