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  1. Hi, I have made some changes to this tactic. - changed the shape into a 451 (i like to play with wingers) - made some changes so the wingers would cut inside (try to recreate your 433) - changed the closing down I started the game with aston villa: won 2x the league cup and qualified 2x for the champions league I went to AS Roma and won the double (media prediction 8) Now I am Man utd and wond last season the league and champions league
  2. I actually don't have those problems. I'm playing with KV Kortrijk in the Belgian First Division. I've won the first division 7 times, and won the champions league on 2 occasions. I'm able to sign very good players (Iker Muniain, Adam Pepper, Sergio Canales,...) and I can keep them. Barcelona offered 40 milion euros for Adam Pepper, I refused and he was still happy. I've also got some very good youth players, got loads of offers for them and they are more than happy to stay.
  3. I'm prety sure that when i got Montreal as a commercial feeder club, my Kv Kortrijk team only had a 'national' reputation. However, my chairman is a tycoon, maybe that makes a difference. Too bad that Montreal is a crappy commercial feeder club Now that my team is continental, i also have a chinese commercial feeder club.
  4. New stadium cost?

    I think it does. My former Chairman even didn't want to expand the stadium, even though it was always filled up. My new chairman, a tycoon, immediately expanded the stadium a few times and then decided to build a new one.
  5. No. When I was managing Real Madrid i paid more (too much money to spend). He scored loads of goals too.
  6. Regen thread

    1. Yes 2. 0 euro. I always ask to invest in the youth-accademy. Currently i've got 5 world class regens (international at 17, bids from all the major clubs) and loads of players who are good enough to play in my league. 3. Assistant reports 4. Yes.
  7. New stadium cost?

    I'm a Belgian team, Kv Kortrijk. After winning 6 titles, 5 cups and the Champions Leaugue i finally get a new 20 000-seat stadium to replace the 9 000-seat stadium. I've only got 20 million euros in the bank, but the board took a loan for the new stadium + a sponsporship deal. The loan is about 30 million euro... . Unfortunately, the stadium is currently delayed for about 6-months...
  8. I've got a intel core i7 870 and 6 GB ram and FM runs very quick. I run the top two divisions from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England and the Netherlands on a large database. Got a 4 star rating for speed with this set-up...
  9. http://www1.euro.dell.com/be/nl/thuis/Desktops/studio-xps-8000/pd.aspx?refid=studio-xps-8000&s=dhs&cs=bedhs1 (the middle one, priced at 1099 euro) http://www1.euro.dell.com/be/nl/thuis/Desktops/desktop-studioxps-435mt/pd.aspx?refid=desktop-studioxps-435mt&s=dhs&cs=bedhs1 (the last one, if you pick 6gb ddr3 tripple channel it costs 930 euro) I wouldn't mind paying a little bit more if the first one is faster... .
  10. Thanks for your advice. Dell has a Intel Core i7 920 with 6gb triple channel ram for sale at around 1000 euro and a system with an i7 870 with 6gb dual channel (2 x 1 + 2 x 2) for prety much the same price... so I guess I'll choose between those two. If anyone else has an advice, feel free to tell me
  11. What's best for Football Manager: a Intel core i7 920 with 6gb ddr3 triple channel ram or a Intel core i7 870 witch 6gb ddr3 dual channel ram? Or is it better value to bye a cheaper i7 860 with 4gb ram... . I want to run quite a number of leagues...
  12. me and a lot of other people have this problem... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=2068832#post2068832
  13. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=64338 >> please someone anwser i've played 10 hours without problems and than this.... no point in spending another 10 hours if it isn't guarenteed that it doesn't happen again
  14. what i don't understand is why i have the error on the 24th july 2009 on a version that's not cracked...