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  1. Update: Resigned as national team manager and now it works Edit: Juventus and Bayern appointed managers but nothing for Barcelona and now PSG
  2. I am in 2026 and have recently added new leagues in Italy, Spain and Germany. I have applied for jobs at Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern. I am the favourite for Barcelona and Bayern but several months have now passed without the clubs appointing a manager. I am also an international manager at the moment
  3. Fantastic tactic - I will try to post some screens later on when I am back on my laptop
  4. I am playing FMC - half of my squad is out injured following the update. Not sure if this is just a coincidence but the amount of injuries I am having is crazy
  5. Same here. Even if it didn't have the exact rules it would be better to have a restriction on foreign players or something to make it a bit more realistic. If it could have the draft and trades between teams then it would be awesome. Also agree about the lower US divisions - I remember these being in FM many moons ago. Edit: This is one of many reasons we could do with an editor
  6. Kriss - could you shed any more light onto what these changes are? I love playing in MLS but have found it unrealistic in past FMC's Thanks
  7. Well the training feature is quite good for those that are into it. Dodgy lasagne is pretty much the stand out from the video (and not in a positive way - that says a lot about it really). But we cannot deny that the major talking point is the absence of an editor (even a simplified one)
  8. I find the responses from SI quite staggering and insulting to the customers who are asking questions on here. I mean customers being accused of being rude, antagonist and abusive when I cannot see any evidence of this is shocking. All the people are asking for is an editor or if not a decent explanation as to why there isn't one. SI customer service needs to step up finally and be more transparent with their fans
  9. How did you sort this? I cannot see the option to change the pyramid at all! Or is there an updated version of this available?
  10. As long as it runs full windows it should be fine. I play mostly on my hp split nowadays
  11. Touchscreen works great, only problem is losing the ability to type when your keyboard isn't with you (I.e. No keyboard shows up on screen when searching for players etc.). I generally play fmc though but have loaded up full fm before
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