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  1. It was by no means a dig at yourself or the development team, for a mobile version of a main game it more than punches above its weight. I just wish the mobile version got the kudos it deserves. Guess it my own perception is the issue. Thank you for the hard work yuo continually put in.
  2. This is in no way a dig at the incredible team that create and improve the mobile version every year. This is aimed more at the fact that there is hardly ever any fanfair regarding the mobile version, no promotional sneak peeks or images to whet your appetite, even the links at the top of this page still say pre register for the 2021 version. I know the main game is where all of the money is invested and SI have to promote that heavily but we are capable of absorbing more than one thing and just a little thought supporting the mobile version, even with screenshots, would be appreciated. At the rate this is going, there may be some promotional drop the week before release if that or are SI banking on the fact that it’s a feed it to the pigs approach and will sell well anyway. Sorry for the rant, I was a user of the old forums about 15 years ago and am quite a passionate player of the mobile version and just felt the need to create an account to say this. Please delete as appropriate.
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