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  1. Thanks Carrera, I am still learning the game and had never looked at Team Reports in any detail. I can't find a report that looks like the one you posted, but I did find these. This was the last 5 games. The last stat, 3 goals from 53 shots in last 5 matches is not very good. The team are creating plenty chances, just not converting. I checked the front 3's hidden player stats and they all seem to be okay. I will try the "shoot on sight" option and raise the Tempo to see what happens. This is for season, only 11 matches so far, but 3 of the matches were against minnows and the team scored about half the goals in the 3 matches.
  2. HI I am new to FM21 and just in my 2nd season but my team doesn't seem to score many goals. I have read some of the posts on the forum but I don't want to completely copy someone elses tactics. I have tried to create a 4-3-3 Wide tactic and except for scoring, I dominate most games. I tried using FMRTE to edit my players to make them all international class but still get the same kind of results. I have to assume it is the tactic as I gave the front 3 players Finishing, Heading and Composure of 17 and they still can't score. They will blast the ball either over the bar or 5 yards wide from close range. Like I said, I am new to FM21, so don't know what info to post here, but could someone tell from the pics below what is wrong. My defence seems to be working as I only concede about one goal every three matches. I don't know how much CA has to do with this but I checked HIbs and their avarage CA was 120, wheras my teams was 155.
  3. I was experimenting with a couple of match plans but I thought I had deleted them but when I looked they were still there. I have deleted them again to see what happens. Thanks
  4. HI, I have just bought FM21 and I am still in my first season. My biggest problem is substitutions and tactics changes are being made during a match. I assume by my assistant but I can't find out where to turn this off in the responsabilities. I am not totally new to Footbal Manager. I have used previous versions of the game. Any help would be appreciated.
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