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  1. I think I've figured it out - FM was saving to my documents which is on the wrong drive and was full at the time of saving. FM must not have realised this and therefore the save files were incomplete. Is there a way to make FM save to a different folder? Or do I just have to do cloud saves and manual movement of the file.
  2. This should be a bug topic but I seem to be unable to make topics in that section. Having spent a long time now on my current save of building up a lower league Greek club to being THE Greek team, with plans of becoming a European champion too, I'm deeply saddened to find the save, backup save, and two previous versions of the save cannot be loaded for whatever reason. My previous fm21 save still in the folder works just fine. I've attached all four versions of the save through a dropbox link as they are too big for here, and I'm confused why the main save file as well as the backups are corrupted. Does anyone have any ideas or is it lost forever? https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4ao40v1wezrf6g/games.zip?dl=0
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