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  1. *doffs hat* Stuff like this is what make football manager so great. :-)
  2. Another plus to having Steam. You can chat with your friends who have the game whilst in the middle of playing.
  3. I've never laughed so much at a thread in my entire life... Really cheered me up after a very bad day, cheers guys!!
  4. Total overreaction?

    Cheers, I'll keep that in mind next time. I just thought it was a little over the top for every player in the squad to be angry at me. His personality is 'sporting' and yes, he's never complained about anything, just got on with the job. Probably should have shown him a little more respect. Yeah they have done. In fact, a week after everything has calmed down. All the players came forward after saying that they understood the decision. I handed the player a new contract and he's happy again now as is everyone else (Apart from one, but he's one player i'm trying to get rid of).
  5. Total overreaction?

    Which cost me two goals and he had a 4.2 rating.
  6. So i'll set the scene. I'm Truro City in my second season in the BSS just gone past January. I'm top of the league at the minute and I'd just played Staines. In the match I went 2-0 up after 11 minutes and we totally dominate the match until my Right Back Kenny Davis concedes a penalty, he's lucky to get away with a yellow, 2-1 at half time. Still in control of the match I can see us scoring again, for as usual I tell them 'For the Fans!. Less than a minute after the second half commences the right back who conceded the penalty earlier (Kenny Davis) commits a foul on the edge on my area. He's off and subsequently they score from the free kick. I'm fuming at this guy right now. The fans and even the other players would be, right? We draw 2-2 and I tell them I 'sympathise' with the team and I'm disappointed with Kenny Davis. This guy cost us the win and the lead in the league. I fine him 1 weeks wages for his sending off. He's what i got. Overreaction much? xD I'm just terrified this is going to jeopardise my chances of promotion, anyone had this before?
  7. Your First 11 [spoilers]

    Truro City Jan 1st 2012 (Blue Square South) GK- Jay Lynch (Bolton, Free) RB- Kenny Davis (Grays, Free) LB- Kevin Sandwith (Oxford, Free) CB- Simon Downer (Rushden, Free) CB- Troy Brown (Ipswich, Free) MC- Neil Wood (Atherstone, Free) MC- Neil Lamb* AMR- Terry Molloy* AML- Adam Small* ST- Davide Enrico Somma (Leeds, Free) ST- Blair Sturrock (Mansfield, Free) *Regens already at the club
  8. Switching from PC to Mac help

    Cheers guys for the replies. Much appreciated.
  9. How bad is this

    Looks like you scout the whole world too... That can get expensive.
  10. This is a very good idea to me, but one that's very complex to do. I'm pretty sure in a thread I read a while back Miles Jacobson said that they were definately interested in the idea and looking into it, but that it wouldn't be around for quite a while.
  11. So in a few days my brand new shiny macbook pro will be arriving and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few issues. Firstly, I bought FM10 on Steam so I'm assuming (Hoping ) that because I have it on my account already I can re-download FM on to my Mac. Is this true or will I have to repurchase? Secondly, I'm in the middle of a really good save at the minute and wanting to carry it on for a long time till the next installment comes. Is there any possible way that I could move this save file on to the Mac via memory stick (or any other method)? Thank you in advance.
  12. New Laptop; So confused:

    Yes, very well in fact.
  13. 7 years on my FM09 Dover Athletic save. Spent 1 year in BSS, 1 in BSP and 5 in League 2. Soley relied on freebies, mostly rejected Premiership youngsters. When I finally got promoted to League 1 I actually spent my first money: 55k on a promising Irish AM... Never actually performed well for me in the 3 years I had him but still sold him for 5.5mil.