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  1. Still no action from our ambitionless cheapskate of a “manager”.
  2. Its kind of funny as our nickname in the 30's was the Bank of England club.
  3. I’m loving this press conference. He looks pathetic, a weak broken man.
  4. He and Barca deserve each other. I hope he stays and rots away on the bench.
  5. What on earth are you talking about? Have you ever watched him play? The last thing I would call him is a defensive midfielder.
  6. Buy during season ticket renewals. Sell just before season starts.
  7. We need first team players. Another year wasted If the clown goes through with these kind of joke signings.
  8. It would be abysmal strategy to sign two promising strikers then freeze them out, to stupid even for that moron. Mitrović + Sanogo = No top class striker.
  9. Judge Wenger on his actions, not his weasel words. Wasting more good money on more kids is an absolute joke.
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