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  1. Honestly I always really struggle in Italy. As much as I've come to love the 4231 after the advice in this thread, the most success I had there was with a 424. Give the 3 at the back all kinds of problems. Sticking to the 4231 though, I did Milan save after seeing @Johnny Ace's talk about it and the TQ and DLF(a) worked pretty well for me. Looked for the overlap on the flank with an IF and focus on the flanks to try and encourage more doubling up on the wing backs.
  2. Haha probably the first time I've ever really tried to do it properly and not just bung in wonderkids wherever. The two strikers I've got coming through are both really promising, stats look awesome but seem to struggle to get going. The defenders and centre mids have been outstanding. A class of '93 is what I'm aiming for definitely. Yeah just really random. Real sold Rodrygo and Vinicius Junior and loaned in Liam Delap (who has not developed at all) and then bought Lewandowski (physicals are pretty much all under 10) to replace them. Barca sold everyone and just kept loaning in players from City and Liverpool, which maybe why they've finished 7th twice now.
  3. Thanks mate, I'll have a go tomorrow when I get back from work. Currently navigating a transfer window on my Sociedad save. Just transitioned by letting pretty much all my first team players except Oyarzabal, Le Normand, Remiro and Merino go and letting my wonderkids come through. Fingers crossed we're still going to be dominant in Spain. Also, if you've played in Spain, have you noticed Real and Barca make some really weird transfers?
  4. Yeah it does suck but it's well paid so I'll take it for now! Do you have a link to how to create gifs to put on here btw?
  5. If I get the chance this weekend to work out how to do it I will! Working four 12 hour shifts in a row (on day 2) so will do it asap.
  6. Ok so an update with the Wycombe save. We finished 9th in the first season in the Prem which I was really happy with. In our second season Ryan Gauld had just been relegated with Bournemouth so managed to pick him up for £11m and Mitrovic from newly relegated Fulham for £9m (thank god for relegation release clauses). Switched the tactic to have a trequartista (Gauld) behind an AF and they have formed such a deadly relationship between Gauld's creativity and Mitrovic's finishing and heading. Thank you for bringing Gauld to my attention!
  7. I went to see if I could pick him up for my Wycombe side as we attempt the Prem after going on a Scottish shopping spree. His value has shot up to £33m so might have to cool it on that one.
  8. Definitely! Feel like Firmino and Salah should work but then again pretty much anything does so not really a fair test!!
  9. Oh those are the exact players I'd play there 🤣. What kind of team are you looking to play?
  10. Would a CF(s) work? I sometimes use the role on players I know aren't quite up to it because it results in some different behaviours than you'd expect. I did it in League 2 on a slow player but with good technicals and mentals for the level. His movement was so weird but did the trick.
  11. Honestly you could use the same TIs but drop the midfield back, so a 4-2-2-1-1. I used that instead and it works great. Picked off City, United and Liverpool with that. Overall, I think they work well as a combo, especially with players dropped back. It's a defensive formation but still gives the players a bit of freedom to be adventurous enough to try a few different things.
  12. They really are, whoever plays there just seems to ghost in and knock it in. I played a 16 y/o regen called Moussa Sow there on his Sociedad debut and he netted a hat trick! It was like no one cared he was there. That's a shame because I love a shadow striker! That pairing would cause chaos! What are you using at Melbourne at the moment?
  13. Honestly I love the W(a) and AF combo, especially if it's a winger who cuts in or with decent heading, they are just never picked up! I never really got how to tailor it until these last few saves. But this works a treat. How is that combo getting on? I only ever got it working how I wanted it by offsetting the AM and ST.
  14. That was the plan, keep it simple and get it to the more creative players and try and open up source then pray they are smart enough to make that move! I won't lie occasionally we'd occasionally get battered by bigger teams so that's when I dropped the midfield back a strata. It really helped with minimising goals. It would sometimes feel shaky but then again I was playing as not so good teams so never sure if that is tactic, player or morale. Positive with high LOE and DL felt solid with the players dropped back and felt mostly fine with standard 4231.
  15. With Newcastle as the example it meant Fraser and Saint-Maximim were getting on the ball more and creating space by dragging people around, cutting it to their full back to cross or pass and move or they would find Almiron in loads of room who had time to shoot or play in Wilson.
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