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  1. Please god no..... I have no idea why people aren't satisfied with being the Manager in the game, who the hell wants to sort out advertising revenue, ticket prices, the tea order? Those jobs are boring in real life, why would you want to sim them? Scott M
  2. Utterly, utterly pointless. Lets get this straight, the moment you click "New game" you enter a fantasy world. You cant have the real world popping up. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> why not ??? at least give some sort of reason or argument. a bit of realism here and there would imrpove the game imo. after playing fm games for a few years generic actions of players get a bit tedious to say the least. like i said it could be an option you could toggle on or off. and i explained the way it might be possibly fitted into the game. all it is basically, is a proper udpate done by si to take the some of the repetitiveness out the game when playing different teams. think about it every time you start a new game that data for the corresponding season would be there for that team. every time you started a new game there would be more and more possibilities available. if it was me playing as man city id sure like the chance to dish out the punishment on joey barton for his latest indiscretion. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I'm an intelligent man, but you've lost me. What you're saying is then that if you're playing Man City you want online updates of things that happen in the real world, that havn't happened in your virtual Season, to pop up so you can fine a player/let him off for something he didn't do in the game? Or no matter where you are in your game, you want a virtual event to mimic the real world event? How on earth is that possible? Lets take the Pedro Mendes/Thatcher incident that was worldwide news. Lets say you're in season 2012 with Pompey when that happened in real life, how does it work? both players have likely retired/switched clubs?? That's just bonkers! Either way. Scott M
  3. Utterly, utterly pointless. Lets get this straight, the moment you click "New game" you enter a fantasy world. You cant have the real world popping up. This thread is great, it makes me LOL/slap my forehead regularly. Scott M
  4. Suggestions like this are elitist. There are thousands of clubs in the game and only a few have the resources to have "creche" acadamies. The current setup works fine, no need to complicate it further. Scott M
  5. Rubbish, what other game can give you 100's of hours of play for 30 quid (or less if you buy online)......Muppet... Scott M </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Counter-strike Source and generally any other FPS or any other RTS game such as the CnC series. Oh and games like WoW. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Fair enough, but if I want to be called a N00b by a kid, I'll play online poker and take his pocket money while I'm doing it..... Scott M
  6. Rubbish, what other game can give you 100's of hours of play for 30 quid (or less if you buy online)......Muppet... Scott M
  7. For all the suggestions on here, and there are a few good ones, I think we're all losing sight of what makes FM great: The complex match engine and the ability to wheel and deal in the Transfer Market. Really thats the only mainstays in a Football Management Sim. If those two don't work properly, then all the fluff that goes around it ain't worth a hill of beans. MATCH ENGINE: After a few months play, I find the Match Engine a bit samey, the variety of goals are a bit limited and that goes for the chances highlights as well. I would love to see a really expansive match engine, with commentary to match. The WOW factor really is too rare. Also, the difference between very good players and very poor players still isn't highlighted well enough, sure crap Defenders go walkabout leaving players unmarked and poor strikers miss untold one on ones or get caught on the ball, but styles of play for LLM and Champions league level should be descernably different. TRANSFER MARKET: The Database is huge, which is brilliant, but the fact that so few players change hands for any money is a cause for concern. We've all had players with a weekely wage more than your entire squad offered for 0 cash, its annoying and why would Danny Murphy consider playing in the Conference anyway? The market in FM08 has to be far more liquid, with lots more players changing hands for fees, of course the balance will be difficult to maintain but then it always is. If the above two work like a dream in FM08, then I'll be delighted. I really am not a fan of having every minute detail being dissected in the media, and for most levels of Football this isnt realistic anyway. I don't want TV Style, X-Factor presentation of the game, I can get that in real life, thanks. So, give me a rich "Management" Sim please SI, FM07 is very good, but FM08 will be dynamite if you get the Match Engine and Transfer Market nailed. Scott M
  8. Are you from the Future? And 3D is never, ever going to happen, I wish people should just get over it...... Scott M
  9. I couldn't give a fig about how other people are playing the game, if they reload they are only really cheating themselves. And an Angel weeps gently..... Scott M
  10. Blimey, just how much work do you think it would take to populate a "World" db with all the players from the late 80's?? Scott M
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