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0 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. nice do u know can i use ones from dave in his around the globe pack
  2. Are all of these compatible with eachother ( from both creators)?
  3. That didnt work, i dont think thats the issue as every other file is named that way.Its fine anyways that was the least important file to me
  4. figured it out, it was the sep.14 transfer update that was posted in the japanese league thread that was causing the issue
  5. I had the same issue of foreign players like iniesta and some thai players not displaying, they were displaying prior with different face packs i used. I tried everything i thought of: removing all other editor data from the folder and removing every other face pack specifically sortitoutsi cut out player faces megapack and of course reloading the skin many times without cache turned on. If anyone that succeeded and was able to fix this knows anything else i can do please let me know!
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