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1 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. OK, I retried exactly the same tactic multiple times again to see how this match went. Turned out this game was completely random, few matches I won 3-1, some matches they won 3-0, 2-1, etc. I'm starting to think these tactics having no meaning at all. It looks good on paper but it's ridiculous that my players' morale are still too randomized. Some matches they completely dominated the field, leaving opponent no chances, while some matches they were like little kids, nervous and kept passing to wrong person and had like 1 shots and zero shot on target.
  2. I tried another attempt with "Play out of defense" removed and use 4-2-3-1, managed to win 1-4. But it could possibly because of RNG luck. This time I also use much less instructions. OK, now I know what you meant by default options. If the default options are used, they won't show up on the left panel.
  3. another attempt with few changes: BPD moved to right, use DM instead of BWM, use higher tempo, standard defensive width. Lost 4-0 ...
  4. Here are my thought on what I chose (of course it might not be correct, but it’s the purpuse of asking for advises) - I used force opposite inside becoz the games against them they scored many goals using crosses from wide area. Well they also used through balls but before that they scores too many crosses hence I chose this instruction in this particular scenario. - lower tempo. Because it’s the tiki taka style that my team is most familiar with (and the board demands). I admitted that after changing to higher tempo I scored a lot more against liv. But i could not retain possession using that (well it might not be important but someone might just want to role play and please possession obsessed fans and board in my team) - play out of defense: also tiki taka style. I have one question. Liv in this particular match was not actually stronger than my team. They were using their squad players becoz their best players were injured. Sure their 3 stars players shouldn’t be stronger than my 5 stars players. - BWM: I actually used DM before that and still lost. Believe me I reloaded multiple times. This BWM is just one of scenario I tried. Anw it’s true I prefer BWM becoz my midfielder player seems to have much better forms with that role. - Float crosses becoz the game said it is better with tall striker like haaland. What should be the default? If I chose default tiki taka, the default crossing option is low crosses … - BPD: my defenders are too good as passing and technique (they could be DM as well). Not using them could be a waste. Are you saying I shouldn’t use BPD at all? - defensive line in this screenshot was set to much lower but I actually used standard before that (again I reloaded multiple times trying different options, it was too frustrating none of the options make any difference except besides higher tempo). what I don’t understand is that last season I used almost the same tactic but I stomped other teams and stomped liv on 2 important matches: CL final and community shield. My team had 24 shutout matches in the league last season. i had been reloading more than 1 hr. Trying different things: - higher tempo (won some matches but liv also scored a lot). - standard loe and dl/Much lower dl. Seems to have same results. - defensive midfielder: DM/BWM. Both still lost. My DM was actually a bit tired from last match, he became fatigued quite fast after 60 mins. His sub was injured.
  5. Now I have started a new season and had a chance to play against liv on away game again. I tested this tactic (quite similar to what you suggested) but still struggled to win. This game is ridiculous. Even though last season i won 4-0 against them in CL final, and won 3-0 in community shield against them at the start of the season. But when playing on away game, still lost to this ******** team. They were not even using their best players (their striker is squad player with only 3 stars). My squad has almost all work-class players but no matter what I did, liv still passed through-balls here and there like gods. And my world-class players looked like little kids (nervous, anxious, etc). I even lower the defensive line to standard but still the same.
  6. My games against liv, they managed to perform a lot of through balls. So I thought using one defender as cover could help (but actually seems didn't help much)
  7. I was playing against Newscastle on away game. I decided to try your advice of using standard attacking width as default because my attacking wingers cut inside too often. However, my assistant coach (Phelan) actually advised me to use narrower width lol. And as he said, we had difficult game when using fairly wide width. But once I reloaded and used fairly narrow width, we stomped Newcastle. On a flip side, Carnavinga seemed to now have better form when being used as BBM instead of DLPd. Is it me or DLPd is very difficult to maintain 7+ rating performance? He was world class but was dropped to 4 stars too frequently becoz he couldn't maintain 7+ rating as DLPd. On the other hand, BWM is very easy to have high rating. Once your team manage a shutout, BWM automatically gains additional 0.3 point.
  8. Thanks, I hadn't had a chance to test your strategy against liv yet. But I tested your tactics against weaker teams, it seems to perform worse than my default tactics on away games. What could be the problems? For example, I dropped offside trap but some home teams successfully performed multiple through balls, Honestly, the game felt so random that I had doubts that these tactics make any difference. Not to say that your advice is not good. But the game makes me too frustrated with its randomness. The most frustrating thing is that the midfielders are too inconsistent. Some matches they had bad forms (less than 7.0) which dropped their levels to below world-class lvl too frequently.
  9. Hi, I have been struggling to win away game against liverpool as Man Utd. No matter what tactics I used. I even tried 4 defend duty defenders, man marking, hold position, etc, always press, etc but liv attackers keep slipping through the back line. I even attempted to reload multiple times, but the chance they won was too high (some games had huge goal differences) Here are 2 screenshots of 2 tactics I used:
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